Anush A. Vardanyan
1997-2001 B.Sc.: Faculty of Mathematics, Yerevan State University
2001-2003 M. Sc.: Faculty of Mathematics, Yerevan State University
2003-2007 PhD: Yerevan State University

Professional experience
From 2007 to date: lecturer of the Faculty Mathematics and mechanics, Yerevan State University
From 2004 to date: minor sci. collaborator of the Institute of Mathematics of NAS RA

Academic courses
General Courses:
Complex Analysis, Mathematical Analysis, Higher Mathematics

Scale of professional interests
Harmonic functions, Harmonic approximation

Armenian, Russian, English

Anush A. Vardanyan

Lecturer | Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics - Chair of Mathematical Analysis


A. Vardanyan, N. Arakelian

Uniform approximation on the real axes by fnctions harmonic in a stripe and having optimal growth | “Analysis”, Munchen, Germany, vol.27, №2-3, 2007, 285-299