Armen P. Nersisyan
1987 - 1989: postgraduate student, Yerevan State University, Faculty of Physics
1981 - 1986: student, Yerevan State University, Faculty of Physics

Academic degree
Doctor of Science (Physics), “Hamiltonian and quantum mechanics inspired by field theory ”, 2005, Yerevan State University

Professional experience
Since 2006: Leading Researcher, Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Yerevan State University
2002 – 2005: Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Yerevan State University
1995 - 2002: Senior Researcher, Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia
1992 - 1995: Researcher, Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia
1990 - 1991: Junior Researcher, Department of Theoretical Physics, Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia

Academic courses
Scale of professional interests Integrable systems of classical and quantum mechanics, quantum mechanics; the systems with higher-derivative Lagrangians; geometric description of spinning particles

Participation in grant projects
Novel Approach for Mesoscopic phenomena
ICTP Network NET68, Coordinator
Novel integrable systems in quantum mechanics
SCS 13-1C114 (Principal Investigator)
Spherical systems related to the rational Calogero models
ANSEF 3501-math-phys (2014)
Supersymmetric integrable systems in quantum mechanics, field theory and gravity
SCS 13RF-018 (2013) (Principal Investigator)
Regional Training Network on Theoretical Physics
Volkswagenstiftung Contract 86 260 (2012) (Armenian node coordinator)
Conformal mechanics, Calogero models and related spherical systems
ANSEF PS2908 (2012)
Mathematical models for low-dimensional quantum structures in external fields
SCS-BFBR 11РБ-001 (2011) (Armenian Co-Investigator)
Geometric models of two- and one- dimensional integrable systems
SCS 11-1c258 (2011) (Principal Investigator)
Algebraic and geometric properties of (conformal) mechanics with extended supersymmetry
Volkswagen Foundation I/84 496 (2009), (Armenian Co-Investigator)
Geometry of curves in physics of macromolecules
ANSEF PS2567(2011)
Geometric properties of novel supersymmetric mechanics systems,
ANSEF PS2229(2010) (Principal Investigator)
Geometric quantum mechanical models for nanostructures
ANSEF PS1730(2009) (Principal Investigator),
Algebraic and geometric studies for condensed matter physics
CRDF-NFSAT UC 06/07 (2007)
Quantum mechanical models for the higher-dimensional Hall effect
CRDF-NFSAT ARP1-3228-YE-04 (2005) ( Principal Investigator)
Extended supersymmetry, strings and noncommutativity in field theory
INTAS-05-7928 (Armenian team leader)
Quantization of general gauge theories
INTAS-00-00262 (Dubna team leader);
Infinite Symmetries, Integrability and Superstring Theory
Geometry and Algebraic Structure of Gauge Systems: Theory and Applications
INTAS-RFBR-95-0829 (Dubna team leader)
Supersymmetry and quantum symmetries

Armenian, Russian, English

Awards received
President Prize in Physics for 2010
"Anania Shirakatsi” Medal, 2008

Armen P. Nersisyan

Leading Researcher | Faculty of Physics - Laboratory of Theoretical Physics


S.Bellucci, P.Y.Casteill, A.Nersessian

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T. Hakobyan, O. Lechtenfeld, A. Nersessian, A. Saghatelyan

Invariants of the spherical sector in conformal mechanics | Journal of Physics A 44, 055205 (2011) |

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Differential Geometry in DNA molecules | Nanoscience and Nanotech. Lett., 2011, v. 3, 922-926

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Hopf maps and Wigner's little groups | Mod.Phys. Lett. A26 (2011) 1393-1405

A.Galajinsky, A.Nersessian

Conformal mechanics inspired by extremal black holes in $d=4$ | JHEP 1111 (2011) 135
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