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Faculty of Chemistry

Chemistry tutoring was launched at the university in 1921. It was realized owing to the newly opened Chair of Chemistry, where S. Ghambaryan, A. Hakobyan, L. Rotinyan and H. Akunyan started their activities, directed to the welfare of our nation.

Dean of the faculty, specialist of agro-chemistry P. Kalantaryan and the Rector of that time specialist of biochemistry H. Hovhannisyan have also made their significant contribution in this area.

The joint Chemistry department used to be managed by Professor S. Ghambaryan for many years. Being scientific since the very beginning of its existence, it became famous for its researches in the field of Organic chemistry, where the main scientific orientation was the research of the reaction of super oxide amines, which has successfully continued to this day.

Other research is realized at this faculty, such as on plants producing ether oils. In 1927 joint chair was divided into two chairs - those of Organic and Physical Chemistry.

The Faculty of Chemistry was formed as a separate faculty in 1933. Professor Grigory Ter-Ghazaryan became the faculty Dean in 1934.

Since 1993 a new specialization has been offered on the basis of the Faculty of Chemistry - that of Chemistry and Environmental Protection, and since 1994 - a specialization in Pharmaceutics.

Criterions of school educational projects of Chemistry and manuals are discussed and worked out at this faculty.

This faculty is an internationally recognized scientific center.

The faculty has established tight relations with leading foreign scientific centers:

USA-North American University (Evanston), Arizona University (Tyson), University of California (Davis), Germany-Rostock, Munster, Karlsruhe, Regensburg, Bochum universities, England-University of London, Birkbeck College, Italy-University of Bologna, France- Paris-Sud University, Montpelier University, Agrarian Institute of France, Poland-Silesian University (Katowice), Maria Curie Sklodowska University (Lublin), Russia-Moscow State University, RF Institute of Elementary Organic Chemistry (Moscow), Institute of Organic Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Physics, Institute of Structural Macrokinetics, Institute of Human Brain (Sankt-Peterburg).


According to the YSU order No. 120/6 from July 2, 2014 the “Yerevan State University Faculty of Chemistry” subdivision has been renamed to “Yerevan State University Faculty of Pharmacy and Chemistry”.


  • Chair of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
  • Chair of Organic Chemistry
  • Chair of Physical and Colloids Chemistry
  • Scientific Research Laboratory «Chemistry of Nitrogen- , oxygen- and sulfur- containing heterocycle compounds»
  • Physical chemical and biological systems research laboratory
  • Inorganic Chemistry Basic Laboratory
  • Center for Ecological Safety



Dean - Doctor of Chemistry,
Professor Tariel Ghochikyan

Dean's Office: (+374 60) 71-04-02
(inner line 34-02, 34-23),
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