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Faculty of Economics and Management

Economic education is nearly the same age as YSU. The training of economic staff at the university started in 1921. A separate faculty was founded in 1934 and operated until 1975. In 1975-83 the training of economists at YSU was interrupted because of the establishment of the Yerevan Institute of National Economy. After a 10-year break, the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics reopened at the University in 1984 and it was renamed the “Faculty of Economics” in 1991 and the “Faculty of Economics and Management” in 2014.

There are 5 chairs in the faculty:

-          Chair of Economics and International Economic Relations,

-          Chair of Mathematical modeling in Economics

-          Chair of Finance and Accounting,

-          Chair of Management and Business,

-          Chair of Innovation Economics.

The education system consists of three-levels: Bachelor's, Master's, Postgraduate (both full time and part time).

Undergraduate education is organized in three specialties: "Economics", "Finance" and "Management".

The Master's programs are organized in four specialties: "Economics", "Finance", "Management", "Accounting and Taxation" (there are nine full time courses and eight part time Master's programs).

The faculty currently has about 1,400 students (including full time and part time undergraduate and graduate students).

In recent years annually about 500 students are graduated from the faculty in various forms of education. The graduates of the faculty work in public-sector enterprises, commercial banks, RA Ministries, public administration bodies, local self-government bodies, Central Bank of Armenia, etc.

The best specialists from various leading organizations, as well as from of the state administration of the republic teach at the faculty.

Since 2002, based on the scientific potential of the faculty, the professional council No. 015 that awards the degree of Doctor of Economics, Candidate of Economics, has been operating at YSU.

The Faculty also includes the Scientific-Analytical Center for Constitutional Economics.


  • Chair of Economics and International Economic Relations
  • Department of Mathematical modeling in Economics
  • Chair of Management and Business
  • Chair of Finances and Accounting
  • The Chair of Innovation economics
  • Scientific-analytical Centre of Constitutional Economics



Dean - Doctor of Economics,
Professor Hayk Sargsyan

Dean's office: (+374 60) 71-06-42
(inner line 76-42),
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