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The presentation of the monograph “Asymmetric Synthesis of Non-Proteinogenic Amino Acids” by the Head of Chair of Pharmchemistry and Pharmacognosy of YSU Faculty of Pharmacy and Chemistry, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Ashot Saghyan, published in Germany in English language, was attended by YSU vice-rectors Gegham Gevorgyan and Alexander Grigoryan, Dean of this faculty Tariel Ghochikyan, colleagues and representatives of professorial staff.


“Summing up the scientific results of the academic year, it should be noted that a large and comprehensive work has been done at YSU,” – said YSU Vice-rector on Scientific Policy and International Cooperation Gegham Gevorgyan.


Vice-Rector also added that the monograph of one of the most respected professors of YSU Ashot Saghyan is exceptional not only for YSU, but also for the field of chemistry.


The author noted that the publication of the monograph was really unprecedented, because no one has raised these issues in the field of chemistry in English. Truly, it was one of the reasons that all the reviewers unanimously recommended the monograph for publication.


Mr. Saghyan also presented the structure and content of the monograph, the process of creating, then emphasized that all profits earned from the sale of the book will be aimed at the development of the field and new researches.


The co-author of the book is the Head of the Chair of Organic Chemistry of Rostock University, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Honorary Doctor of YSU Peter Langer.

The celebration of the 60th and 90th anniversaries of the Armenian TV and Radio is a good opportunity to raise a variety of issues, which exist in these fields.


The conference was headed “Television and Radio in the 21st Century”.


The conference was attended not only by students and lecturers of the above mentioned faculty, but the Executive Director of the RA Public Television Margarita Grigoryan, Executive Director of Public Radio Arman Saghatelyan and Deputy Director Lilit Tumanyan.


“The conference was initiated in the beginning of the previous academic year. We have tried to focus on the development, program policy, TV-audience radio-audience relationship, however, all possible directions are in the center of our attention,” - said Dean of the Faculty of Journalism Naghash Martirosyan.


Television and radio representatives spoke about a variety of problems and features of the TV and Radio and then the participants made their reports.

Broadcast style modifications, application of modern technology on the television, the Internet TV, features of specific topics covering the major events were discussed by the participants.

The three-day conference is organized by the Faculty SSS. It is dedicated to the Armenian linguist, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Levon Yezekyan and Tatevik Sargsyan, first year master student, who died in a car accident a few months ago.


The opening ceremony was attended by the Dean of the faculty Artsrun Avagyan, heads of chairs, lecturers, students and others. Reports were prepared not only by future philologists, but also students from different educational institutions.


Mr. Avagyan noted there was no student structure in previous times to coordinate the activities of this kind. According to him, when this structure was founded 15 years ago, 20 people were attending the meetings. Today, their number has risen to 50: “I appreciate our SSS activities. Dear students, I wish you all the best. This could be the first scientific experience for many of you. Our goal is to ensure this effective process.”


The reports mainly cover the areas of Theory of Literary, Armenian Literature, History of Armenian Language, Pedagogy, General Linguistics and Armenian Language.


Chairman of the SSS of the Armenian Philology Faculty Mariana Botsinyan noted the conference will feature more than 45 presentations: “Compared to previous years, this year more students will make reports, which is important. I welcome the fact that our students year after year raise the quality of their scientific articles.”


The articles, approved by the Scientific Council of the faculty, will be published in the collection of scientific articles of YSU SSS. The best authors will receive prizes and professional literature. All participants will receive certificates.

The organizer of the conference, dedicated to the literary legacy and life of the one of the greatest poets of Iran, was the Chair of Iranian Studies of YSU Faculty of Oriental Studies.

20 reports will be made, which will also focus on the historical Shirvan, located on the territory of modern Azerbaijan.

“This conference is important not only in terms of literature, as this writer as a result of the falsification of the facts is now considered an Azerbaijani one. We focus here on the great poet’s work, and also on the fact that Persian language is widely used in Shirvan,” - said Head of Chair of Iranian Studies Vardan Voskanyan.

The expert noted that still in the beginning of the 20th century people spoke in Persian in Shirvan region. Tsarist regime, cutting the territory of Shirvan from the Iranian cultural and political influence, and then the policy of the Azerbaijan Republic removed gradually from the Caucasian region this language.

“Khaqani has played a major role in the Iranian literature, but little has been said about it yet even in the Iranian scientific circles. He was born and raised in a period when different cultures were mixed and had a very tolerant attitude towards religions. Such events help the Armenian and Iranian people to understand each other’s cultures better,” - said in his opening speech Advisor of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Armenia Majid Meshki.


Collection of the papers of the conference is ready for publication.

The conference was organized by the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology on the occasion of the World Philosophy Day.

Before the opening ceremony, organizers congratulated all students on the International Students’ Day.

Then opening remarks were made by the RA MP, member of the Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Affairs Ruzanna Muradyan, Chief Editor of “Bulletin of Yerevan University” Hrachik Mirzoyan and the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology Alexan Baghdasaryan, who read YSU Rector Aram Simonyan’s message.

“2,400 years have passed since Aristotle’s birth, but his thoughts and ideology are still relevant today. And despite thousands of volumes have been written about him, there is still much to explore and discover,” - said Alexan Baghdasaryan.

Considering the variety of Aristotle’s legacy, the conference was attended by the representatives of various disciplines, philosophy, logic, psychology, history, philology, political science, theology, physics, etc.

The conference will be continued in the coming days in Artsakh. University students are planning to hold a scientific session with their Artsakh partners - particularly representatives of Artsakh State University. Under the program, participants will meet with the NKR Prime Minister Ara Harutyunyan.

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has declared 2016 “The year of jubilee of Aristotle.”