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University students participated in the regional conference in the frames of cooperation in the field of legal education between the Faculty of Law and German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (GIZ).

The parties discussed the problems of legal education on the national and regional levels.

Representatives of the HEI from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany, organizations providing continuous legal education shared the experiences gained in the preparation of lawyers, focused on the registered results, new approaches and mechanisms to respond to the current challenges of training, as well as outlined the difficulties and shortcomings in this process.

The debates focused on the participation of the lecture in the education process, the formation of the legal thinking among students, methods, practical knowledge, theoretical and academic education, as well as possible ways for the cooperation between various structures, providing education in the field of law.

The conference format allowed the representatives of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan to find possible options for the development of regional cooperation via meetings, development of common standards for legal education, methodologies, summer schools, joint publications and researches.

After discussions, the participants submitted the representatives of GIZ a package of proposals to implement bilateral and regional programs.

The international conference is organized by YSU Faculty of Pharmacy and Chemistry (Chair of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry).


The conference is dedicated to the one of the most promising fields of the materials science– “sol-gel” synthesis, as well as organic compounds, functional substances and hybrid emulsions study.

Scientists from Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, France, Slovakia and Poland were welcomed by Professor at the Chair of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Hambardzum Khachatryan.


“”Sol-Gel” technology is one of the most promising areas of modern synthetic chemistry and materials science. This method allows synthesizing substances with unique structure and characteristics, which is applicable in many fields, beginning with the use of cosmic energy up to biotechnology and pharmacology,” – Mr. Khachatryan.


The professor stressed on the importance of holding such conference in Armenia, which shows that the Armenian experts are largely recognized by the international scientific community.

During the plenary sessions and discussions the experts will present the most important and interesting results from the last two years.


We should add that in materials science, the sol-gel process is a method for producing solid materials from small molecules.

On coming days, the joint laboratory of YSU and Yerevan Institute of Physics and Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics will sign an agreement, which envisages the organization of joint scientific conferences and researches, as well as exchange programs for students and lecturers.

The agreement will be signed in the frames of the international scientific conference “Quantum aspects of black holes”, which is being held in Yerevan. This is the second edition of the conference in Yerevan. More than 50 researchers from USA, France, Great Britain, South Korea, Iran, Chile, Portugal, Brazil, India and other countries participate in this event.

The initiative belongs to the Director of the joint Laboratory of YSU and Yerevan Institute of Physics Armen Nersesyan and Head of the Department of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Iran Sheikh-Jabbari. The initiative has also been supported by the International Centre for Physics in Italy (Trieste) and “Volkswagen” Foundation.

“This topic is poorly developed in Armenia, and I wanted to generate interest among scientists in our country via holding this conference. This is quite promising field of theoretical physics, it includes different directions and is quite convenient to develop activities,” - says Mr. Nersesyan, adding they already see the results of the activities of previous years.

Head of Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics Bum-Hoon Lee believes that the cooperation between the scientists of Armenia and Asian countries will be successful, as there is a good basis for it.

“It is very important to create a common platform for the scientists from these countries to expand the activities. Unlike technical or engineering professions, not much equipment and facilities are required in the field of theoretical physics. Here just smart and intellectual human resources are required. In other words, it is possible to achieve significant scientific results right via theoretical researches,” – says the scientist.

The initiative belongs to YSU Institute for Armenian Studies and the RA Ministry of Diaspora in cooperation with the State Committee of Science of RA MES. The participants are from Armenia and Diaspora research centers.

The conference’s mission is the mutual recognition and cooperation for the purpose of organizing researches in the fields of history, language and literature, religion, educational issues, identity, culture, media, library -related structures, internet, social networks and blogosphere.

The organizers noted that such events contribute to the formation of the Armenian-centric web platforms.

The conference participants were welcomed by the RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan, YSU Rector Aram Simonyan, NAS RA Academician-Secretary of the Department of Armenian Studies and Social Sciences Yuri Suvaryan and Executive Director of “Synopsis Armenia” Hovik Musayelyan.

During three thematic sessions of the conference participants focused on actual problems of the Armenian studies on the network and the prospects of their solutions, distance learning of the Armenian language, compiling the electronic collections of the Armenian heritage and their availability, as well as on the issues of information security on the network.

After each session the representatives of Armenia and Armenian communities of Russia, Ukraine, Germany, USA, France, Libya and Iran took an active part in the discussions on the Armenian studies.

The international conference will continue tomorrow, entitled “Diaspora on the network.”

The international conference, entitled ''Preservation and improvement of the health of the supporting specialists: the role of Balintyan Movement'', belonged to YSU Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology and YSU Applied Psychology Centre. The participants were also from Russia, Germany and Great Britain.

The goal of the Balintyan movement is to support the specialists, who waste much energy and face the problem of the emotional burning.

The focus of the conference was on the prevention of the emotional burning of these specialists.

''Almost all the issues in our country, related to this field, are difficultly solved. But we have registered some results in this area. We had a training in 2014 abroad and now these specialists are occupied in this field,'' - said the Director of YSU Applied Psychology Centre David Gevorgyan.

Speeches during the opening ceremony were made by the Chairman of Balintyan movement of Great Britain David Wats, his colleague from Saint Petersburg Vladimir Vinocur, Chairman of All-Russian Professional Theuraphetic League Victor Markov, Former Chairman of the International Balintyan Federation Hayde Otten and others.

Dean of the above mentioned faculty Alexan Baghdasaryan noted that such initiatives are of great importance. YSU Vice-rector Ruben Markosyan, who has once worked in this field, said that the raising of these issues is very important.


In addition to reports, the international experts will hold practical lessons in 5 parallel groups. Some of these classes will be held in other cities of Armenia.