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The laboratory with all the necessary modern equipment is named after the French scientist of Armenian origin Christophe Terzian.


Known in the field of genetics, evolution and molecular biology, Christophe Terzian devoted his entire life to science. He lived in France, but constantly contributed to the development of science in Armenia. Christophe Terzian took an active part in the works of the Franco-Armenian Association for Scientific Cooperation (AFACS), which also contributes to the development of science in Armenia.


The scientist has made numerous reports at the Chair of Genetics and Cytology of the Faculty of Biology of YSU. Before his death, Mr. Terzian donated an impressive amount of money to the Chair of Genetics and Cytology of YSU Faculty of Biology.


Using these funds and with the financial support of the All Armenian Fund “Armenia” the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics was fully equipped with modern equipment.



To participate in the opening ceremony of the laboratory mother of the scientist Jacqueline Terzian and his two daughters arrived in Armenia. YSU vice-rectors Alexander Grigoryan, Gegham Gevorgyan, Ruben Markosyan, Dean of the Faculty of Biology Emil Gevorgyan, head of the above mentioned chair Ruben Harutyunyan, tutors and students of the faculty, as well as representatives of the All Armenian Fund “Armenia” and specialists of the Center for Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care attended the event.


Ruben Harutyunyan, speaking about the scientist, recalled how difficult it was to conduct laboratory researches in the 1990s: “Dr. Terzian used to visit Armenia often at that time. He delivered lectures and used to say that genetics in Armenia could develop in the same way as in France and other European countries. I am sure the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics will help to call to life his dream in the near future.”


YSU Vice-rector on Scientific Policy and International Cooperation Gegham Gevorgyan noted that it is wonderful when cooperation gives such results: “Terzian devoted himself to science. I am sure this equipment will help us to do this all.”


Dean of YSU Faculty of Biology Emil Gevorgyan added this significant event will not only be the beginning of new scientific achievements, but will also serve as an example of patriotism.


In an interview with journalists, the daughter of Terzian, who has arrived from France, noted that they are very encouraged that their father’s work continues at the university. His mother noted that she was very glad that there would be a laboratory named after her son.

The participants of the event, initiated by the Chair of the History of the Armenian Language and supported by the RA MES State Committee of Science, were from different universities, as well as young people immigrated from Artsakh, Georgia and Syria.

The project includes presentations by the young scientists, PhD students, researchers, renowned linguists. The reports referred to various issues related to the stages of development of the Armenian language, phonological, lexical, grammatical, linguistic different realities, controversial issues.

Dean of the faculty Artsrun Avagyan focused in his welcoming remarks on the role and significance of the native language.

Representative of the RA MES State Committee of Science Ruzan Asatryan was also present at this event. She read the message of the Chairman of the above mentioned committee Samvel Harutyunyan.

Head of the Chair of Armenian Language History Professor Anna Abajyan welcomed the participants and highlighted the idea of the school for young scientists: “We believe this event will be useful and beneficial for students in the process of making researches.”

Anna Abajyan made a report on “Linguistic repentances.” The linguist referred to a number of linguistic problems that distort the purity of our language.

In the end of the discussion the authors of reports gave exhaustive answers to questions from the audience.

The agenda of the congress, which was chaired by YSU Vice-rector on Scientific Policy and International Cooperation Gegham Gevorgyan, included the elections of the new president. The new board was formed, composed of 40 members, and 16 members are foreign citizens.


Honorary Head of Chair of Algebra and Geometry of YSU Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics Professor Yuri Movsisyan was elected President for the next three years.


Former President, Professor Tigran Harutyunyan made a report on the activities developed in the period of the last three years.


Yuri Movsisyan said: “It is no coincidence that our graduates show excellent results at the European and American universities. We need to strengthen our scientific cooperation promoting young professionals on the international arena.”


He outlined the future plans and noted that Armenia is going to organize an international conference dedicated to the 120th anniversary of one of the most prominent mathematicians of Armenian origin Emil Artin next year. AMU will also announce a special annual award for the best work of young professionals.

The purpose of the event, organized by Yerevan State University, RA Ministry of Diaspora in cooperation with Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society was to celebrate the literary and social activities of the distinguished writer who has largely contributed to the process of formation of the First Republic of Armenia, as well as the researches in the area of the Armenian Question. His works served as an inspiration source for the generations of revolutionary struggle in late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The event was attended by YSU Rector Aram Simonyan, Chairman of Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society Central Committee Mkrtich Mkrtchyan, deans of faculties, literary critics, historians and others.

YSU Rector Aram Simonyan thanked Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Association for many years of cooperation and noted this book is one of the best works as a result of this cooperation: “In Soviet times, and now we have different kinds of titles, but there is one that has a special significance. Aharonyan was the devotee of our nation. Our youth has other heroes. There are many whom they do not know. We need to keep bright the memory of these people.”

Hamazkayin representative Nara Mikaelyan said that the appreciation of the writer has not reached its peak yet: “The collection of articles in an attempt to reveal some closed pages of Aharonyan’s life. Such attempts have previously been made, but this book is to show a person who has passed a long way, have done all possible and not only to develop the literary thought.”

The collection may be useful for professionals as well as all those who are interested in the literary and national activities of Avetis Aharonyan.

The main event was followed by the presentation ceremony of a scholarship named after writer Hakob Karapents. The scholarship is testament prescribed. For several years, students from different universities have the opportunity to receive this scholarship.

Here are the winners of 2016-2017 academic year.

Vahagn Amirjanyan - Armenian Philology Faculty, 2nd year
Arlina Sargsyan - Armenian Philology Faculty, 2nd year
Anna Torosyan - History Faculty, 1st year
Lusine Atabekyan - Journalism Faculty, 3rd year
Hamlet Ghukasyan - State Pedagogical University, 4th year

Before the participants started to discuss the main issues of the agenda a report entitled “Citizen Tumanyan” was made by H. Tumanyan Museum Director Narine Tukhikyan. She presented interesting facts and stories of Tumanyan’s life that reveal him as a citizen.


“Hovhannes Tumanyan, living in a time when Armenians did not have statehood, served as a model of a future independent Armenian citizen,” - said Narine Tukhikyan during the lecture.


According to the speaker, the most important feature for Tumanyan was justice. “Justice in every area and on every level. He was a real fighter for justice and was always struggling to achieve it.”



Narine Tukhikyan also noted that Tumanyan was the first to speak of the self-determination of Artsakh. “In 1919, after the pogroms in Shushi, Tumanyan organized a meeting, made a speech and focused on the issue of self-determination of the people of Artsakh, noting that Artsakh cannot be a part of Azerbaijan.”


Narine Tukhikyan advised students to read a lot about him, study his articles, his life and work: “Tumanyan has all the answers. He is really great All-Armenian poet.”


After the presentation, YSU SSS Chairman Mher Hakobyan commented on the activities of this student structure, said that this semester there have been changes regarding the composition of the SSS.


Mher Hakobyan said this semester there have been organized more than 260 events, most of which were in the form of lectures and seminars: “We have also organized conferences, workshops, competitions and moots, cognitive tours, film screenings and other events.”


He underlined among the most important events the competition on making scientific reports and said that one of the most important events is the annual scientific session of the Student Scientific Society, which this year will be international in nature and will be held on October 2-6. It is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of YSU SSS.



Mher Hakobyan noted that the activities of three faculty SSS can be assessed as excellent, 8 – good and 3 – satisfactory.


The most active members and secretaries of the SSS were awarded during the extended session today.