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The conference “Days of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Armenia”, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the institute, is held in Armenia in these days. The members of the delegation, headed by Academician Victor Matveyev, were received at YSU, too.


YSU Rector Aram Simonyan received them in his office, presented the structure of the university, scientific activities, the achievements and upcoming plans and also answered the questions of Russian colleagues.


“YSU ties with foreign universities are quite active, and in particular the cooperation with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna has a rich background, many of our scientists work in Dubna,” - said Mr. Simonyan and added: we understand very well that it only contributes to the development of good relations.”


Then YSU Rector handed Mr. Matveyev the Certificate and the Title of Honorary Doctor of YSU and the Gold Medal for the development of science and strengthening scientific ties between Russia and Armenia. The first title of YSU honorary doctor was awarded Fridtjof Nansen in 1926.


“Armenian scientists have actively participated in the deployment of our 60-year-old institute since the very beginning. And next year we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of cooperation with Armenia. We appreciate the ties with your country, and now we plan to develop this cooperation,” – said Viktor Matveyev.


This institute is occupied in the areas of researches of nuclear and elementary particle physics. Armenian scientists actively participate in this process, contributing greatly to the development of this sector in our country, too. 18 countries are members of the institute. 12 scientists from Armenia work today at this institute, taking part in almost all major projects.

The event was also attended by Armenian scientist Yuri Hovhannisyan, who discovered 118th element of the Mendeleev periodic table. It is named after the scientist’s name – “Oganesson”. The official approval will be in November.

Today XIV International Conference “East-West Design and Test” started at YSU. It runs until 17 October. The purpose of the conference is exchange of the experience between experts and researchers from the countries of the East (in particular the Black Sea basin and Central Asian countries), and the West, working in the fields of design of electronic circuits and systems, automation and systematization, as well as the discussion of new ideas and projects.

This year the main theme of the conference is the chips that are used everywhere - in phones, computers and cars: “Manufacturing and design of these chips is a rather complex matter, which is constantly being improved. The technology each year is reduced in size. For this reason, their design is changing rapidly. Today, experts who will speak about the latest developments in the design of chips are here,” - said the president of “Synopsis Armenia”, Co-Chairman of the conference Yervand Zaryan, adding that some of the participants of the conference are experts in the field of testing and identification of shortcomings.

175 experts from 31 countries participate in this event. Speakers at the conference are experts from leading companies and universities of the USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, France, Canada, Mexico and other countries. Among the participants there are also experts from YSU Information Technologies Educational and Research Centre.

“My colleagues, students, post-graduate students in different years took part in this conference. I myself several times was invited as a speaker. And we have to say that this year we were able to find how often errors that occur in these technologies are found in more complex forms of the following technologies. And based on this, we have built the table of periodicity. One of our two reports are devoted to this issue, and the other - the question of security technologies,” - said the head of the ITERC, a member of the organizing committee of the conference Samvel Shukuryan.

RA Minister of Education and Science Levon Mkrtchyan, YSU Rector Aram Simonyan and other guests were also present at the opening ceremony of the event.

“I welcome the large number of young professionals, as Armenia’s future is connected with the new technologies and their use by society. I hope that the responsible bodies for this area of our state can get the necessary knowledge from such conferences,” - said Mr. Mkrtchyan.

The conference’s main objective is the picture of the current situation around the Armenian Diaspora in Russia, the organizational structure, the challenges of preservation of national identity, relations of the Diaspora with the Republic of Armenia, scientific research issues, as well as the promotion of dialogue between the foreign scientists dealing with the problems of Armenians of Russia.

The opening speech was made by YSU Rector Aram Simonyan, President of the Union of Armenians of Russia, businessman, philanthropist and public figure Ara Abrahamyan, Director of the Institute of History of NAS RA Ashot Melkonyan, Director of the Department of Armenian Communities for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Razmik Panosyan, as well as Head of the Department of the External Affairs and Diaspora of the RA MES Arthur Ghazaryan.

Conference participants noted that in spite of the presence of a large Armenian community in Russian Federation, compared with the traditional Diaspora communities, it is much less explored.

“The Armenian community in Russia is often considered to be less organized, their identity presumably more exposed, and sometimes even they discuss whether it is appropriate to use the “diaspora” concept in the case of Russia,” - said Professor Alexander Kornilov from Nizhny Novgorod State University.

The organizers added that research on the Armenians in Russia are growing, but there is a lack in the systematic discussion of the current stage of the Armenian Diaspora, so this conference will be a platform to engage in such a discussion, which will contribute to the implementation of new researches and the expansion of our imaginations.

Representatives of the educational institutions from the United States, Lebanon and Italy made presentations about the current state of the Armenian community and the use of the “Diaspora” term, as well as the characteristics of the formation, establishment and development of the Diaspora.

The conference organized with the support of the Chair of Diaspora of the Faculty of History and the Department of Armenian Communities for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation will continue tomorrow.

The three-day seminar “Research on parasitic and other pathogens in Armenia: state of the art” is organized by YSU Faculty of Biology, DAAD, AADL and “Young Biologists Association” NGO.

The seminar is attended by the Professor Serge Moran form the Montpellier University (France), professors Ahmed Daryani and Mehdi Sharif, representing the Institute of Parasitology of Mazandaran Medical University (Iran), Professor Thomas Romik from Hohenheim University (Germany).


Armenia is represented at this seminar by the National Health Institute, “CH2” International Organization, the National Agrarian University of Armenia, Center for Disease Prevention and others.

“There is no separate branch of Parasitology at the university, but it is one of the leading branches in the world, as it is directly related to human health. And this field should be developed, and one of the best ways to do it is to establish cooperation with foreign specialists. Of course this seminar is also of great interest for students, and as for myself as a professional, I appreciate the contacts and joint projects,” – said one of the organizers, researcher at YSU Chair of Zoology Sargis Aghayan.

Participants will make more than 15 scientific reports and present their achievements, research results, share experience with their colleagues.

The international conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Chair of Applied Sociology of the Faculty of Sociology was attended by the experts and researchers, representing the Faculty of Sociology, Armenian State Pedagogical University, RA Police Educational Complex, as well as New York City, United Kingdom Stirling, Rome Sapienza, Ural Federal, State Kuban, Kazakhstan Eurasian national, Telavi of Georgia universities and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Opening remarks were made by the Dean of the Faculty of Sociology, Professor Arthur Mkrtichyan. Head of the Chair of Applied Sociology, Professor Arthur Atanesyan also welcomed the participants and added that social psychology is essential for the development of social sciences in Armenia, implementation of interdisciplinary researches, detection and resolution of urgent social problems.

Founder and Honorary Head of YSU Chair of Sociology Professor Lyudmila Harutyunyan made a report entitled “On the formation and problems of the modern Armenian sociology”.

During the conference, participants discussed the geopolitical, demographic, social problems and security threats that exist in the contemporary societies.

The results of the conference will be published in a book of the same name.