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Faculty of Geography and Geology

In 1933 - 1934 academic year the Geological-Geographical Faculty has been formed in YSU. In 1935 the sections of geography and geology has been separated as 2 new faculties: Geographical and Geological.

In June, 2008 on the base of geographical and geological faculties the new Faculty of Geography and Geology was formed.

In parallel with academic process scientific-research activities are being accomplished in the Faculty (in the spheres of cartography and geodesy, hydrology, nature use and nature protection, water issues, deeper structure of the Earth crust, working out of methods of forming, researching and exploring of mineral fields, as well as in the fields of hydrogeology, geochemistry, landslide processes, geophysical processes research. Activities directed to seismic zoning of the territory of Armenia, emerging and predicting of earthquakes, safe exploitation of hydrotechnical constructions are in process.

8 departments and 1 scientific-research laboratory are in the structure of the Faculty.

The master’s programs of the faculty are:
- Geophysics,
- Geochemistry,
- Hydrogeology and architectural geology,
- Historical and regional geology,
- Searching and exploration of deposits of minerals,
- Public geography,
- Physical geography and landscape ecology,
- Cartography,
- Geomorphology,
- Nature use and nature protection.

The field experience and work practices of the students are being organized in different enterprises and administrative institutions of Yerevan, in Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia, Hydro-meteorological administration, Institute of Geodesy, camps of “Byurakan” and “Marmarik” of YSU, secondary schools of Yerevan, Institute of Geology of Academy of Sciences of Armenia, National agency of seismic protection, departments of the faculty.


Scientific-research activities are being carried out in the following directions:
- Investigation of water resources of RA, assessment of efficient usage,
- Working out of efficient methods to combat landscape degradation in RA,
- Assessment of risks of natural hazards in RA,
- Study of sustainable development of RA, working out of development programs,
- Research and assessment of hydrogeological structure of Sevan basin and anthropogenic influence,
- Working out of programs and geochemical methods of exploring oil-gas deposits,

The following investment programs promoting economic development have special importance and priority in the Faculty of Geography and Geology:
- On the issue of implementation new approach of gasification of burning materials and wastes by the super-adiabatic way (advisor: R.Gevorgyan),
- Application of natural zeolites modified by thermo-chemical way, effective neutralization of liquid radioactive wastes (advisor: R.Gevorgyan).

On the second place are the following investment programs promoting economic development:
- Modeling, predicting, quick response and risk assessment of water hazards (advisor: T.Vardanyan),
- Creation of a specialized company for the purpose of organizing and carrying out of geological works (advisor: R.Movsesyan),
- Paleological objects mapping (advisor: R.Minasyan),
- Purpose of application of new anti-filtration elements (construction materials) in hydrotechnical construction (advisor: S.Hayroyan),
- Creation of atlas of geomorphological dangers and risks of the territory of Armenia (advisor: V.Boynagryan).

684 students are studying in the Faculty (595-for Bachelor’s degree, 89-for Master’s degree). There are 24 PhD students (16 of them are foreign citizens).

There is a section of correspondence Bachelor’s and Master’s study with 201 students.

1 academician of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, 9 professors, 32 associate professors, 4 assistant professors and 16 lecturers are working in the Faculty.


  • Chair of Physical Geography
  • Chair of Social-economic Geography
  • Chair of Geophysics
  • Chair of Cartography and Geomorphology
  • The Chair of Prospecting and Exploration of Mineral Deposits
  • Chair of Historical and Regional Geology
  • Chair of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology
  • Chair of Service
  • Centre on Sustainable Development
  • Research Laboratory of Applied Geology
  • “The Armenian Climate Technology Academic Network”



Dean - Candidate of Geological Sciences,
Associate Professor Marat Grigoryan

Dean's Office:
(+374 60) 71-04-31 (inner line 34-31, 38-75),
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