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Faculty of Geography and Geology

By the decision of the People's Commissariat of Enlightenment of Armenia in 1934 the faculties of geography and geology were established at the university, which were later merged into one faculty of geography and geology. In 1945 they were divided into separate faculties of Geography and Geology and operated in this way until 2008. Then in 2008 they reunite and form the Faculty of Geography and Geology. From 1980 up to the unification of the faculties in 2008 Marat Grigoryan holds the position of Dean of the Faculty of Geology. After the unification of the faculties in 2008, Marat Grigoryan was elected as Dean of the Faculty of Geography and Geology. The education at the faculty is carried out in the specialties "Geology", "Geography", "Cartography and Cadastral work", "Service". The following educational programs are available; Bachelor degree "Geology", "Geography", "Cartography and Cadastral Work", "Service". Master's degree: "Physical Geography", "Hydrometeorology", "Social Geography", "Cartography - Cadastral Work", "Geophysics, Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology", "Geology and exploration of mineral deposits", "Service", "Sustainable Tourism".

Along with the educational process, the faculty conducts research activities in the field of cartography and geodesy, hydrology, nature management and ecology, water problems, the deep structure of the earth, the development of mineral deposits and methods for their search and exploration, hydrogeology, engineering geology, geochemistry, landslides, geophysical fields.

The faculty cooperates with a number of leading foreign universities, in particular with the universities of Germany, Russia, St. Petersburg, Rostov, Voronezh, France's Lille, Montpellier, Czech Republic, Japan.

English language short-term program (up to one year) is organized for foreign citizens for the profession Service.

A number of faculty lecturers are invited to give lectures at foreign universities, as well as are involved in various international research programs and groups.

Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of YSU, the faculty organized an international conference in September 2019 entitled "Problems of Geography and Geology", in which scientists from different countries participated and had reports. It is planned to organize an international conference in October 2022 dedicated to the memory of the students of the faculty who died in the 44-day Artsakh war. In 2023 it is envisaged to organize a scientific session dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the founding of the faculty. The faculty has 6 chairs, a number of educational, scientific laboratories, a center for sustainable development, a seismic station for the development of weak earthquakes, a meteorological station. The center conducts research works on landslides, water resources, tailings mining and related environmental risk assessments, and invites workshops and discussions. The results of the study are presented to the relevant government agencies.

The students of the faculty have practical training in different enterprises of Yerevan and RA regions, administrative institutions, Institute of Geodesy, YSU "Byurakan", "Tsakhkadzor" and "Marmarik" educational and production institutes, in the State Committee of the Cadastre, in the departments of the Armenian State Hydrometeorological Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in Yerevan schools, museums, in hotel and restaurant complexes. The students also take part in geological expeditions in different regions of Armenia.

The Department of Geomorphology and Cartography cooperates with the German organization GIZ, where the students of the department annually have an internship, they as well are provided with work during the internship…

The Faculty has SSS (Student Scientific Society) and SC (Student Council).

Due to the active work of the SSS and the SC, the number of students who participate in the scientific work carried out in the chairs has increased and it has become more interesting to engage in student daily life of the faculty.

There are grant programs with the following topics and directions;

  • Paleolimnological aspects of the study of the evolution of ecosystems of highland lakes in Russia and Armenia.
  • Introduction the geochemical method of searching for hidden and blind mines, drawing up lithogeochemical maps of mines and mineral deposits of the Republic of Armenia.
  • TEMPUS SuTOMA, ProEtour, GeoTak - where a postgraduate program in the fields of cartography and geoinformatics is being developed.
  • Digitally Connecting Real and Virtual Environments Devision; Austrian Partnership Programme in Higher Education & Research for Development (APPEAR) Austrian Higher Education and Research Development Partnership Program.
  • International program of science-education-business cooperation for the development of experimental tourism.

The graduates of the faculty are competitive in their profession and in demand in the labor market.

Currently, the Faculty of Geography and Geology has 940 students, of which 604 are full-time and 209 are part-time students of Bachelor's program, 111 are full-time and 16 are part-time students of Master's program. 12 postgraduate students study at the Postgraduate program of the faculty.


  • Chair of Physical Geography
  • Chair of Social-economic Geography
  • Chair of Geophysics, Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology
  • Chair of Cartography and Geomorphology
  • Chair of Regional Geology and Minerals Survey
  • Chair of Service
  • Centre on Sustainable Development
  • Research Laboratory of Applied Geology
  • “The Armenian Climate Technology Academic Network”



Dean - Candidate of Geological Sciences,
Associate Professor Marat Grigoryan

Dean's Office:
(+374 60) 71-04-31 (inner line 34-31, 38-75),
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