Gevorg S. Hajyan
Educational Background
(In Chronological Order)
1965 - 1970 Graduated from Yerevan State University, Faculty of Physics, Specialization: Theoretical physics, Qualification: Physicist
1971 - 1974 Post Graduate Study at Yerevan State University, Chair of Theoretical Physics
1976 - Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences “On theory of rapid rotating and cooling of superdense celestial bodies”, Yerevan State University, Armenia
1988 -Doctor of PhysMath. Sciences, “Some problems of the theory of superdense celestial objects”, Yerevan State University, Armenia

Research and Work Experience
(In Chronological Order)
1970 - up to now Yerevan State University
1970 - 1971 assistant at Yerevan State University, Chair of Theoretical Physics
1974 - 1977 assistant at Yerevan State University, Chair of Nuclear Physics
1977 - 1985 docent at Yerevan State University, Chair of Nuclear Physics
1985 - 2001 Lecturer, Wave Processes Theory and Physics Chair of Radiophysics Faculty of Yerevan State University
2001 - up to now Head of Chair of Wave Processes Theory and Physics of Radiophysics Faculty of Yerevan State University

Academic courses/Teaching &Training Experiences
Mechanics, Wave Processes Theory , Electrodynamics, Theory of nuclear reactors stability, Professional courses of nolinear wave distribution

Main Research Interests/ Expertise
Relativistic astrophisics
Physics of superdense stars matter
Physics of superdense celestial matter

Current research interests
Stability and observational properties of strange dwarfs

Awards, Honors
Yerevan State University, a diploma.
Armenian Education and Science Ministry, a diploma.

Editorial Board Member of Proceedings of the YSU (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)
Member of Specialized Council of Radiophysics Faculty
Member of Society of Armenian Physicists

More than 30 papers
Available upon request

Language skills
Native in Armenian, Fluent in Russian and English with dictionary.

Other skills

Other Interests and Studies
Music, amateurish alpinism.

Conferences participated, scientific trips
Participation in international conferences devoted to problems of relativistic astrophysics and superdense matter physics

Gevorg S. Hajyan

Professor | Faculty of Radiophysics - Chair of Wave Process Theory and Physics


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