Karen M. Shahabasyan
Physics Department Yerevan State University

Academic degree
1980,candidate, “Several Mechanisms of Magnetic Field Generation in Pulsars”, YSU.
1992,doctoral, “Axial Symmetric Magnetic Fields in Neutron Stars” YSU.
2001 profesor at the Department of Theoretical Physics YSU

Professional experience
1971-till now Department of Theoretical Physics YSU
1999 Scientific visit to Rostock University, Germany.
2012 Scientific visit to Frankfurt University, Germany.
2014 Scientific visit to Frankfurt University, Germany.

Academic courses
Classical Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, Statistical Mechanics,
Quantum Mechanics , Superfluidity and Superconductivity

Scale of professional interests
1. Theory of the Superfluidity of the two Component Fermi Liquid.
2. Superconductivity of the Quark Matter in superdense quark core of the neutron star.
3. General Relativity and Gravitation: gravitational radiation from isolated White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars
4. Mechanisms of Magnetic Field Generation in Pulsars

Participation in grant projects
1999: grant from Volkswagen Stiftung.
2002: grant ANSEF No PS 51-01
2003: grant CRDF AP2-3207 / NFSAT 087-02
2005: grant ANSEF No 05-PS-astroth-811-78

Professional membership
1999 The Scientific expert of NATO Science Program
2003 The Scientific expert of CRDF

Armenian, English, Russian


Karen M. Shahabasyan

Professor | Faculty of Physics - Academician Gourgen Sahakyan's Chair of Theoretical Physics


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