Levon M. Kocharyan
1967 - 1972: Student, Department of Physics, YSU
1977 - 1980: Postgraduate Student, Department of Physics, Moscow State University

Academic degree
1982: Ph.D speciality 01.04.03 “Radiophysics including quantum radiophysics”, Moscow State University

Professional experience
1972 - 1977: Senior laboratory assistant, probationer researcher, Theoretical phys. dept, faculty of Physics., YSU
1981 - 1985: Junior scientist, Optics dept, faculty of Physics., YSU
1985 - 1991: Senior scientist, Optics dept, faculty of Physics., YSU
1991 - up to present: Associated professor, Optics dept, faculty of Physics., YSU

Academic courses
Introduction to light quantum theory, Bases of nanooptics, Physics of opticasl phenomena, Mathematical modeling and numerical methods, Special tasks of quantum optics

Scale of professional interests
The interaction of light with resonance matters, Optical by – and multi – stabilities, Nonlinear phenomena in the field of surface- and guided- electromagnetic waves

Armenian, Russian, English


Levon M. Kocharyan

Associate Professor | Faculty of Physics - Chair of Optics


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