Lyudvig A. Vardanyan
Chair of Solid State Physics, YSU
1999–2003: Yerevan State University, Bachelor’s degree with honor diploma in physics
2003–2005: Yerevan State University, Master's degree physics
2006-2008: University of Trieste, Department of theoretical physics, Master's degree.
2005–2008: Russian-Armenian (Slavic) State University, PhD in Semiconductor Physics

2009 January – present: Researcher, Research laboratory of the Chair of solid state physics, YSU

Low dimensional systems and nanostructures

Awards and Grants
''Decay of the coherent polaron states in quantum dots in the presence of uniform magnetic and electric fields''

Lyudvig A. Vardanyan

Researcher | Faculty of Physics - Solid State Physics Research Laboratory


A. Stepanyan, M. Yeranosyan, L. Vardanyan, A. Asatryan, A. Kirakosyan, A. Vartanian

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L. A. Vardanyan, A. L. Vartanian, A. L. Asatryan, A. A. Kirakosyan

Image Charge and Electric Field Effects on Hydrogen-like Impurity-bound Polaron Energies and Oscillator Strengths in a Quantum Dot | Journal of ELECTRONIC MATERIALS. 2016, 45. 11, 5847-5852 pp.

A. L. Asatryan, A. L. Vartanian, A. A. Kirakosyan, L. A. Vardanyan

Electric field and image charge effects on impurity-bound polarons in a CdS colloidal quantum dot embedded in organic matrices | Physica B: Physics of Condensed Matter. 2016, 503, 70-74 pp.

Vartanian A. L., Vardanyan L. A.

Influence of the image charge effect on the hydrogen-like impurity-bound polaron in a spherical quantum dot in the presence of an electric field | Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, Volume 75, pp. 174-180 (2016).

L.A.Vartanian, A.L.Asatryan

Influence of both electric and magnetic fields on the polaron properties in a finite-potential quantum well wire | Physica E 47, 134-140, 2013.
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A. L. Vartanian, A. L. Asatryan, L. A. Vardanyan, A. A. Kirakosyan

Effect of image charges on the impurity-bound polaronic states in colloidal quantum dots embedded in different organic matrices | International Symposium and Young Scientist School on Disordered and Ordered Materials Analysis and Characterization, 2015, p. 74-75

Lyudvig Vardanyan, Arshak Vartanian, Anna Asatryan

Impurity-bound polaronic states under an external electric field in quantum dots: Image charge effect | 3rd International Symposium “Optics and its Applications”, 2015, p. 119

A.L.Vartanian, E.M. Kazaryan

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