Marianna V. Paranyan
1991 - 1996: YSU The Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology

Professional experience
1997 - present: lecturer of the first English chair of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, YSU
2008 - 2012: TOEFL PBT, IBT tutor
2011 - 2012: ITEP (International Test of English Proficiency) tutor

Academic courses
Professional English in different faculties

Scale of professional interests
Psychology, culture, art, archeology, tourism

Areas of specialization
Teaching ESP in Baccalaureate and Master's degree programs of Radio Physics, Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Arts and other faculties.
Teaching in teachers' training program for ITEP test.
Teaching TOEFL IBT for PHD program.
Communication training programs in administrative and lecturer groups.
Teaching presentation making in different programs.
Teaching "Communication in professional field" master's program.

Armenian, English, Russian, French

Marianna V. Paranyan

Lecturer | Faculty of European Languages and Communication - First Department of English Language


Paranyan M.

Metacommunicative cues as essential elements in the presentation process | FLSP N8,Երևան, ԵՊՀ հրատարակչություն, 2009թ., 147-156 էջ |