Martin G. Abrahamyan
1966 - 1971 Yerevan State University:

Academic degree
Candidate - “On the Equilibrium Figures of Two-component Gravitating Systems”, theoretical & math. physics, 1976, Yerevan State University
Doctoral - “The Dynamics of Enclosed Gravitating Subsystems”, Astrophysics, 1986, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory of NAS Armenia

Professional experience
Professor of General Physics and Astropysics, Yerevan State University 2000-till now
Budapest University - 1985 (June, July);
Vice Rector: Armenian Pedagogical University: 1994 – 2000
Lectures: Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai Universities – Sept 1990- May 1991
Professor, Head of Chair: Yerevan State University: 1971-2013

Academic courses
Physical principles of mechanics; Thermodynamics & molecular physics; Electricity & magnetism; Wave physics & optics; Quantum physics; Hydrodynamics; Non-linear wave theory.

Scale of professional interests
Astrophysics of gravitating systems, plasma physics, magnetic hydrodynamics, stellar dynamics, dynamics of galaxies & their subsystems.

Professional membership
IAU, 048 Sci. doctoral theses council (Byurakan AO of Armenia), YSU Phys. dep. council. Academician of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences. Academician of the Canadian Informatization Academy. Academician of the Technical Academy of Russian Federation

Armenian, Russian, English

Martin G. Abrahamyan

Professor | Faculty of Physics - Academician Victor Ambardzoumyan's Chair of General Physics and Astrophysics


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M. G. Abrahamyan

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