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Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics

Training of specialists-mathematicians started in the YSU in 1924, in the physical - mathematical subsection of Social Science Department which became Physical-mathematical Department in 1993. In 1959 the department splitted up into Department of Physics and Department of Mechanics and Mathematics. In 1963 mathematical cybernetics specialization started in the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics and of the base of that in 1972 Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics was created. In 1988 the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics got divided into two separate Departments of Mechanics and Mathematics and in 2007 they reunited in one Department of Mathematics and Mechanics.

The studying process in the department is implemented in three specializations: mathematics, mechanics and actuarial mathematics. In the 8 chairs of the department in the frame of master’s education the following subjects are taught: theory of functions, differential equations, probability theory and mathematical statistics, applied algebra and geometry, optimal management theory and approximations, actuarial mathematics, mechanics of deformable rigid body and management and stability of motion.

The graduates from the department get qualification (both in bachelor and master’s degrees) of specialists on mathematics, mechanics, actuarial mathematics, as well as teachers of mathematic and have opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in different research centers, secondary and high educational institutions, general schools, financial, political, industrial and other fields.

The department broadly cooperates with a number of mathematical and mechanical world-known centers, universities and research institutions ( Institutions of Mechanics and Mathematics of NAS, Armenia, State University after M.Lomonosov, Mathematical Institute after V. Steklov of AS, Russia, Institute of Mechanical problems of AS, Russia, Institutions of Mechanics and Applied problems of Mathematics of NAS, Ukraine, University of Trier, Germany, Stockholm Royal Technological University, Sweden, South California University, Iowa State University, the USA, Charles University, Czech Republic, Tamperie Technological University, Finland, etc).


  • Chair of Mathematical Analysis
  • Chair of Differential Equations
  • Chair of Algebra and Geometry
  • Chair of the Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics
  • Chair of General Mathematics
  • Chair of Actuarial Mathematics and Risk Management
  • Chair of Financial
  • Chair of Mechanics
  • Centre of Mathematical Research
  • Scientific Laboratory of Mechanics



Dean - Associate Member of NAS RA
Arthur Sahakyan

Dean's Office: (+374 60) 71-03-66
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