Minas K. Balyan
1975-1980: Yerevan State University, Faculty of Physics, Solid State Physics
1981-1984: Postgraduate student at Solid State Physics Department
PhD - "Focusing of X-rays and determination of crystal defects", 1994, K005.20.01, Institute of Applied Physics

Participation in grant projects
Grant No. AE-103 awarded for period 1997-1998 by American CRD Foundation (Arlington, VA, USA) for realization of the project “X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Microstructure of Concrete” in collaboration with Prof. P. Monteiro (Dept. of Civil and Envir. Engineering, University of California at Berkley, Berkeley, USA),
INTAS-99-0469. "Advanced X-ray techniques for materials study based on the new generation of focusing devices"

Membership of Professional Societies
Member of International Union of Crystallography

Main scientific interests
Theory: Diffraction of X-rays, X-ray imaging, optics and focusing,
X-ray interferometry and topography

Armenian. Russian, English


Minas K. Balyan

Senior Researcher | Faculty of Physics - Solid State Physics Research Laboratory


M. Balyan, L. Levonyan, K. Trouni

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M. Balyan

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M. Balyan

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Tigran H. Eyramjyan, , Tamara S. Mnatsakanyan, Minas K. Balyan

Testing of a `hard' X‐ray interferometer for experimental investigations | Acta Crystallographica A-Foundation and Advances,2020, A76, 3, 390-394 էջ, Մեծ Բրիտանիա
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А.К.Лорсабян, М.К.Балян, А.Г.Григорян

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V.P.Mkrtchyan, L.G.Gasparyan, M.K.Balyan

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Mkrtchyan V.P., Gasparyan L.G., Balyan M.K.

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Mkrtchyan V.P., Gasparyan L.G., Balyan M.K.

Artifical Temperature Anisotropy of Crystals at X-band Frequensies | 20-th International Congress on X-ray Optics and Microannalysis, 14-18 September 2009, p.125, Karlsruhe, Germany
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