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Faculty of Oriental Studies

The courses on Oriental Studies were conducted in YSU from its very foundation. The first lecturer of oriental studies was Gevorg Asatour, who was invited to YSU in 1921 as a specialist of Georgian language and Oriental literature. In 1923 an outstanding philologist Hrachya Acharyan was invited from Tabriz. He tutored various disciplines such as Persian Language, Sanskrit, History of Persian language etc.

In September of 1940 Professor Hrachya Acharyan initiated the foundation of a Department of Oriental Philology. This was followed by the successful establishment of the Department of Oriental Languages and Literature with its 2 branches: Persian Arabic and.

In 1968 the Faculty of Oriental Studies was introduced as a separate body. Professor Georgy Nalbandyan was appointed the dean of the faculty.

Initially 2 specialized chairs, Oriental Philology and Oriental History, were available only. Currently this faculty offers studies at three chairs - Persian Studies, Arabic Studies and Turkish Studies. According to the modern demands in the area of Oriental Studies Hindi, Afghani, Sanskrit, Belujian, Kurdish and Hebrew languages are currently taught at this faculty.

Currently 525 students study at three chairs of the faculty. The faculty has established relations with the leading centers of Oriental Studies abroad. It successfully realizes plans directed to the development of scientific cooperation with the chairs of universities and scientists in Iran, Egypt, Syria, UAE, Lebanon and other countries. The Faculty also cooperates with Matenadaran, Center of Persian Studies of Caucasus, "Iran-Name" oriental periodical and other institutions.


  • Chair of Arabic Studies
  • Chair of Turkish Studies
  • Chair of Iranian Studies
  • Chair of Islamic Studies
  • Centre of Kazakh culture, language, literature and history


Dean - Doctor of History, Professor
Ruben H. Melkonyan

Dean's Office:(+374 60) 71-05-73,
(+374 60) 71-05-74,
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