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Faculty of Radiophysics

The Faculty was established in June 1975 by decision of Armenian Government (USSR era) aiming to meet growing demand in radiophysicist in military, industrial, high technology and R&D sectors of the plan - economy. The Faculty establishment was proactively facilitated by efforts of the National Academy of Sciences in particularly by its President, Academician Victor Ambardzumian. The founding and presently acting Dean of the Faculty is Prof. Yu. L. Vardanyan, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.

More than 3000 alumnae had graduated from the Faculty out of which about 200 got PhD and other higher scientific degrees; many alumnae are engaged in proactive scientific studies worldwide, some are leading personalities in high-tech industry, some are politicians and prominent State Workers.

The Faculty of Radiophysics is educational and R&D division of the Yerevan State University granting bachelor and master (magister) degrees as well as providing post graduate study by following specializations:
• Radiophysics & Electronics
• Semiconductor Physics & Microelectronics
• Telecommunications and Signal Processing
• Integral Circuits Design, the specialization is adapted for needs of the Synopsys Corporation ( and is provided at contracted bases in cooperation with the Company.

The Faculty’s alumnae get opportunity to acquire up to date professional skills meeting local market demands (for more details please see cursory citation of the local potential work market of the above numbered specializations in Armenia at the very below), and in case of prominent progress the alumnae gets opportunity to continue his career in contemporary science.

Advanced students get opportunity to participate in R&D activities of the Faculty getting published in international peer - review journals and getting opportunity to promote research at international conferences worldwide. The Faculty has developed network of international R&D collaborations which assesses the early carrier build-up of young scientists and newly graduated specialists.

The Faculty in its R&D and educational activities closely cooperates with Institute of Radiophysics & Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.

More than 420 students are studing at Faculty for batchelor and master (magister) degrees. The Faculty’s R&D and educational staff incorporates: 2 academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, 1 corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, 15 Doctors of Sciences-Proffessors, and 33 PhD.

The Faculty constitutes of 4 Chairs:
• Department of Microwave Radiophysics and Telecommunications with adjunct R&D Laboratory of Terahertz Waves
• Department of Physics of Semiconductors & Microelectronics with adjunct R&D Center:
a) R&D Center of Semiconductor Devices & Nanotechnologies (CSD&N, )
• Department of Theory of Wave Processes and Physics
• Department of Advanced Mathematics


  • Department of Microwave Radiophysics and Telecommunications
  • Chair of Wave Process Theory and Physics
  • Chair of Semiconductor and Microelectronics
  • Chair of Higher Mathematics
  • Terahertz waves laboratory
  • Research Laboratory of Neutron Stars
  • Research Laboratory of Nanoplasmonics



Dean - Associate Member of NAS RA
Yuri Vardanyan

Dean's Office: (+374 60) 71-03-02
(inner line 23-02),
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