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Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology

The Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology was founded in 1991 on the basis of the Department of Romance and Germanic Languages of the Faculty of Philology.

The further development of economy, culture and science made it urgent to teach languages using modern and effective methodologies. Within the short period of its existence the Faculty managed to provide high level knowledge and skills for the graduates.

Study rooms of the English, German, Spanish, French and Italian Languages and Foreign Literature function in the structure of the faculty.

Currently more than 1700 students study at the 7 departments of the Faculty;

More than 250 tutors are included in the educational process of the Faculty: 5 doctors of sciences, 5 professors and more than 70 candidates of sciences, associate professors, assistant professors and instructors.

The main directions of research at the Faculty are: lexicology, stylistics, functional styles, grammar, semasiology, pragmalinguistics, psycholinguistics, text linguistics, contemporary methods of teaching foreign language translation studies and so on.

Teaching of the major language is combined with the second foreign language tutorials.

Faculty graduates successfully realize the acquired knowledge and skills in different state institutions, embassies of foreign countries in RA, international organizations, state and administrative structures.


  • Chair of English Philology
  • First Department of English Language
  • Second Department of English Language
  • The Chair of French Philology
  • Chair of Romance Philology
  • Chair of German Philology
  • Translation Studies Department
  • Chair of Foreign Literature
  • Chair of English for Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Cabinet of Byron Studies



Dean - Candidate of History,
Associate Professor Samvel Abrahamyan

Dean's Office: (+374 60) 71-05-42,
(+374 60) 71-05-43
(inner line 55-42, 55-43),
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