Rouben M. Aroutiounian
1964 - 1969: Graduate-Diploma of Department of Genetics and Cytology of Biological Faculty of Yerevan State University, Armenia
1969 - 1972: Postgraduate in Department of Genetics and Cytology of Yerevan State University, Armenia and Institute of Medical Genetics of Acad. of Med. Sci. Moscow, Russia;

Academic titles
Professor – The Highest Attestation Commission of the UUSR, 1990
Corresponding Member – National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, 2006

Professional experience
1972 - present: Yerevan State University, Faculty of Biology, Department of Genetics and Cytology
1991- present: Head of Department of Genetics and Cytology, Faculty of Biology, Yerevan State University
1977 - 1978: IREX program visiting scholar, USA
1985: visiting professor-lecturing award, USA
1987: visiting professor-lecturing, University Paul Valery, Montpellier, France
1992 - Visiting professor in Mexico University, Mexico
1994: Visiting professor in Bologna University, Italy
1997: Lectures in CalPoly (Pomona),USA
1992 - 2001: Visiting professor in Universities Paris-VI and Paris-VII, France
2000: Invited professor by DFG-Jena, Germany
1990, 1995, 1999, 2004: Visiting professor of DAAD, Erlangen, Germany.
2004: Co-Director of NATO ASI workshop, Macomb, USA
2005: Brussels, European Commission expert
2007: Lectures on Conference of Culture and Science, “France-Armenie” Marseille.
2007: Seminar in Institute of Mol. Biology, Zurich
2011: Lecture on FEBS Advanced Lecture Course, Yerevan
2010,2014: Seminars in Institute of Human Genetics, Jena,Germany
2014: Seminar in Institute of Toxicology,Wurzburg,Germany
2008 - 2016: Seminars in United Institute of Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia

Academic courses
Genetics, Genetics and evolutionary theory, Principles of Human genetics, Informatics in Genetics, Ecological genetics, Genetics of behavior

Scale of professional interests
Mutagenesis and antimutagenesis. Molecular cytogenetics. Ecological and toxicological genetics

Participation in grant projects (present and past)
2002 - 2004: Grant of SCOPES
2003: Grant of ANSEF
2002 - 2005: Grant of ISTC A - 773
2003 - 2007: Grant of ISTC A - 301
2009 - 2010: Grant of ISTC A - 1701
2010 - 2012: Grant of ISTC A-1764
2014 - 2016 Grant of ISTC A-2116
2014 - 2016 Grant of 14AR-1f06 of State Committee of Science RA
2015 - 2017 Grant of 15RF-049 of State Committee of Science RA

Armenian, Russian, English, French, German

Professional membership
Chief Editor of “Scientific review of Yerevan State University” and Vice-editor of “Biological Journal of Armenia”, Member of editorial boards of “Korean Journal of Environmental Biology” and “Molecular Cytogenetics”, Member of Editorial Counsil of journal “Blood”.

Awards received
Laureate of medals
Gregor Mendel (1981)
Nikolay Vavilov (1987)
Anania Shirakatsi (1999)
Golden medal of YSU (2007)
Golden medal of the Ministry of High education and Science of RA

Rouben M. Aroutiounian

Head of Chair | Faculty of Biology - Chair of Genetics and Cytology


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