Samvel K. Shoukourian
1973 - 1976: Post graduate student, Institute of Cybernetics, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev
1967 - 1972: Diploma in Computer Science, Polytechnic Institute, Yerevan
1957 - 1967: Secondary School N 8 after Pushkin, Yerevan

Academic degrees:
1996: Elected a Full Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
1993: Academic rank of Professor in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Supreme Certification Board, Moscow
1990: Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Institute of Cybernetics, Kiev
1977: Candidate of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Institute of Cybernetics, Kiev

Professional experience
2007 - up to date: IT Educational and Research Center, YSU, Scientific Leader
2007 - up to date: Information Systems Chair, IT Educational and Research Center, YSU, Head of Chair
2010 – up to date: “Synopsys” Inc., Sr. Manager, Embedded Memory, Logic and Test Portfolio, Solutions Group
1993 – 2007: Chair of Algorithmic Languages, Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, YSU, Head of Chair
2000 – 2010: “VirageLogic” Corporation, Director, Embedded Test & Repair Program
1999 – 2000: “Credence” Corporation, Member, Research & Development Staff
1997 – 1998: INET Global Research LLC, Armenian Branch, Director, Software Development
1994 – 1997: Yerevan Scientific & Research Institute of Mathematical Machines (YSRIMM), Chief Scientific Adviser
1990 – 1994: YSRIMM, Head of Division of Software Engineering
1986 – 1990: YSRIMM, Head of department
1980 – 1986: YSRIMM, Head of laboratory,
1978 – 1980: YSRIMM, Senior scientific associate
1976 – 1978: YSRIMM, Junior scientific associate
1972 - 1973: YSRIMM, Engineer

Research interests
Testing of electronic devices and systems, Formal models of distributed computer systems, Information technologies and architectures for multimedia virtual environments

The courses taught
Operating Systems Design of Embedded Systems

Participation in Grants
2012 – 2014: Grant of OSI Foundation – Armenia, Grant N17508, N18293 “Basic Toolkit for a Comprehensive Course Development and Its Application”, Project Director
2011 - 2013: State Grant No.11-1b292, Scientific Leader
2008 – 2010: State Grant No. 136, Scientific Leader
2005 – 2007: State Grant No. 0122, Scientific Leader
2002 – 2004: State Grant No. 0825, Scientific Leader
2001 - 2005: Grant of OSI Foundation – Armenia, “Development of Distance Learning System for the Secondary school”
2010 - 2012: Grant of the DAAD (Germany)
2007 - 2009: Grant of International Science and Technology Center ISTC (USA, EU, Japan)
2003 - 2006: Grant of International Science and Technology Center ISTC (USA, EU, Japan)
1997 - 1999: Grant of the U.S. CRDF (USA)
1996: Grant of the NATO Science Fellowships Program
1996: Grant of AT & T Bell Labs - Lucent Technologies (USA)
1995: Grant of the DFG (Germany)
1995: Grant of the DAAD (Germany)
1993: Grant of Armenian Professional Society (USA)
1991: Grant of Science and Innovation National Fond (Armenia)

2009: Acknowledgment of Prime-Minister of Armenia
1986: Silver Medal of the Exhibition of National Economic Achievement of the USSR

Armenian, English, Russian (fluent)

Samvel K. Shoukourian

Scientific Leader of IT ERC, Head of Chair | YSU Information Technologies Educational and Research Center - Chair of Information Systems


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