Susanna M. Badalyan
Academic background
Academic background
1981 - 1983: Post-graduate studies in Mycology, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Department of Algology and Mycology (Moscow, Russia).
1975 - 1980: Bachelors/Masters in Science (Biology/Mycology), Yerevan State University, YSU (Yerevan, Armenia).

Academic degree
1989: Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD) - “Systematics, Bio-Ecology and Physiological Activity of Nematoloma fasciculare (Huds. : Fr.) Karst.”, Institute of Botany, NAS of Armenia
1999: Doctor of Biological Sciences (D.Sc.) - “Biological Properties (Morphology, Ecology and Physiological Activity) of Several Macroscopic Fungi (Basidiomycotina)”, Institute of Botany, NAS of Armenia

Professional experience
1984 - 1991: Junior Researcher, YSU
1991 - 1992: Researcher, YSU
1992 - 1993: Senior Researcher, YSU
1993 - 2005: Leading Researcher, Head of Fungal Biology and Biotechnology Group, YSU
1999 - 2005: Associate Professor, Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi, Yerevan, Armenia
2000 - 2005: Associate Professor, YSU
2005 - 2021: Professor, Principal researcher, Head of Laboratory of Fungal Biology and Biotechnology, YSU, Armenia
2022: Professor, Institute of Biology, Head of Laboratory of Fungal Biology and Biotechnology

Academic courses
Lecturer in General Biology and Botany, General and Medical Mycology, Fungal Biology and Biotechnology, Fungal Genetics and Cytology, Fungal Systematic and Phylogeny,

Scale of Professional Interests
Fungal Biology and Biotechnology, Fungal Genetics and Phylogeny, medicinal mushrooms.

Actual research supervision
PhD thesis – 5, Master Thesis – 40, Bachelor Graduation Thesis – 42

International collaborations, scientific contacts, visiting positions
Since 1981: M. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
1993: Institute of Botany, University of Regensburg, Germany, Visiting scientist
1993 - 1997: Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Montpellier 1, France, Visiting scientist
1998 - 1999: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa, Canada, Guest scientist
1998 - 2005: Museum Nationale d’Histoire de Nature, Paris, France
2002 and 2007: Institute of Forest Botany, University of Göttingen, Germany, Visiting scientist
Since 2002: Department of Botany, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
Since 2002: North Carolina Agriculture & Technology State University, Greensboro, USA
2003: Department of Phytopathology and Plant Protection, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, Guest scientist
2008, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019: Section Wood Biotechnology and Technical Mycology, Büsgen-Institute, George-August-University Göttingen, Germany, Visiting Professor
2000, 2009 and 2013: Faculty of Agraria, University of Bologna, Italy, Visiting Professor
2016: Ural Federal University, Russia, Guest Professor
Since 2019 Kyoto University, Japan
Since 2019 University of L’Aquila, Italy
Since 2018 Belgorog State University, Russia

Participation in grant projects
1993 - 1995: Grant by Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia (#93-344), Project Leader
1996 - 1999: Grant by Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia (#93-845), Project Leader
2000 - 2002: Grant by Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia (#0718), Project Leader
2003 - 2004: Grant by Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia (#0104), Project Leader
2005 - 2007: Grant by Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia (#0169) Project Leader
1993, 2002, 2008 and 2011: DAAD Fellowships (University of Regensburg -1993; University of Göttingen – 2002, 2008 and 2011), Germany
1993, 1994, 1996 and 1997: Grants by Ministry of Education, Science and Research (M.E.S.R.), France
1994: Grant by G. Soros ISF, USA
2001 and 2009: Grants by University of Bologna, Italy
2004 - 2006: NATO Reintegration Grant (# FEL.RIG.980764), Project Leader
2004: Grant by ANSEF (Armenian National Science & Education Fund) (# 04-NS-biotech-814-73), USA, Project Leader
2004 - 2006: DAAD Equipment Grant (#548.104401.174), Germany, Project Leader
2004: Grant by American Mushroom Institute (AMI), USA
2004: Grant by Osaka Fermentation Institute (OFI), Japan
2005: Grant by ISTC
2000, 2006 and 2007: Grants by British Mycological Society (BMS), UK
2006: Grant by INTAS
2007: Grant by DAAD, Germany
2007: Grant by NATO
2007 and 2010: Grants by World Federation of Culture Collections (WFCC)
2007, 2008 and 2009: Grants by European Science Foundation (ESF)
2008, 2011 and 2014: Grants by World Society of Mushrooms Biology & Mushrooms Products (WSMBMP)
2012: DAAD Equipment Grant (#548.104401.317), Germany, Project Leader
2013 - 2015: Grant by MES SCS RA “MES SCS RA – RFBR – 2013” Armenian-Russian Joint Research Program (#13RF-110), Project Leader
2015 - 2017: Grant by MES SCS RA “MES SCS RA – RFBR – 2015” Armenian-Russian Joint Research Program (#15RF-064), Project Leader
2018 - 2020: Grant by MES SCS RA Thematic Project (#18T‐1F115), Project leader
2021 - 2024: Grant by MESCS SC RA Thematic Project (#21T‐1F228), Project leader

Professional membership
Since 2002: Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician
2002 - 2017: Member of Scientific Council of Faculty of Biology, YSU
2004 - 2016: Member of Specialized Scientific Council 035, "Botany/Mycology”, Institute of Botany, NAS of Armenia
2004: Member of British Mycological Society
2005: Member of American Mycological Society
Since 2005: Member of Specialized Scientific Council 018, “Biotechnology”, SPC “Armbiotechnology”, NAS of Armenia
Since 2008: President of Armenian Association of Mushroom Sciences (NGO)
Since 2013: Member of World Federation of Culture Collections (WFCC)
Since 2015: Member of Scientific Council of Institute of Biology, YSU
Since 2017: Member of Armenian Microbiological Association
2017 - 2022: Member of Scientific Council of Institute of Pharmacy, YSU

Referee and Editorial work
Since 2007: Editorial board member of International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms (IJMM, Beggel house, USA)
Since 2008: Reviewer of Archives of Microbiology (Springer), Food Biotechnology (Taylor & Francis), Food Chemistry (Elsevier)
Since 2010: Referee of the State Committee of Science, Armenia
Since 2011: Editorial board member of International Journal of Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology (IJMMB, InTech)
Since 2012: Referee of the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), Italy
Since 2012: Editorial board member of Pakistan Journal of Phytopathology (PJP)
2012 - 2014: Editorial board member of Int. eSci Journal of Plant Pathology (eSci Journals Publishing)
Since 2012: Editorial board member of Microbiology Discovery (Herbert Publications, HOPJ, UK)
Since 2013: Editorial board member of Applied Scientific Reports (Herbert Publications, HOAJ, UK)
Since 2016: Editorial board member of Micologia Italiana (Italian Journal of Mycology)
Since 2020: Editor of Frontiers in Fungal Biology
Since 2012: Reviewer of PhD dissertations, University of Haifa, Israel
Since 2010: Referee of Science Committee of Armenia;
Since 2013: Referee of Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), Italy (Programs PRIN, SIR, PISCOPIA, Futuro in Ricerca, ANVUR-VQR 2011-2014).

Participation and contributions in scientific meetings (1985-2022)
III All Union Conf. Investigation of Fungi in Biogeocenosis (Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 1985)
X Sci. Symp. Mycol. and Lichenol. Baltic Rep. & Belarussia (Latvia, Riga, 1985)
VII Conf. Trans-Caucasus Rep. on Sporic Plants (Yerevan, Armenia, 1986)
IV All Union Conf. Investigation of Fungi in Biogeocenoses (Russia, Perm, 1988)
X Int. Congr. European Mycologists (Tallinn, Estonia, 1989)
IV Inter. Mycological Congress (Regensburg, Germany, 1990)
II Republ. Sci. Conf. (Armenia, Yerevan, 1996)
III Int. congr. Science and Cultivation of Mushrooms (Kashira, Russia, 1996)
IV Meeting of Europ. Council Conserv. Fungi (Vipiteno, Italy, 1997)
I and II Inter. Conf. Methodological Bases of Learning … (Donetsk, Ukraine, 1997, 2002)
IV Int. colloq. Produits Naturels d’Origine Vegetale (Ottawa, Canada, 1998)
II Int. Symp. Plant Biotechnology (Kiev, Ukraine, 1998)
Reunion du Reseau de Mycologie (Lille, France, 1999)
Int. Conf. Mycorrhyza (Ottawa, Canada, 1999)
Int. Symp. Mycology and Cryptogamic Botany (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2000)
Int. Symp. Bioactive Fungal Metabolites: Impact and Exploitation (Swansea, UK, 2001)
Int. Conf. Persp. Med. Mushrooms Health & Nutrition in the 21st Century, IMMC1 (Kiev, Ukraine, 2001) - Member of Scientific Committee
I Russian Mycological Congr. (Moscow, Russia, 2002)
VII Int. Mycological Congr. (Oslo, Norway, 2002)
II Int. Congr. Biotechnology: State & Perspectives of Development (Moscow, Russia, 2003)
XI Congr. Russian Botanical Society (Barnaoul, Russia, 2003)
XIV Congr. European Mycologists (Katsiveli, Crimea, Ukraine, 2003)
X Nat. Congr. Human and Medicines (Moscow, Russia, 2003)
VAAM Conf. Molecular Biology of Fungi 2003 (Goettingen, Germany, 2003)
Int. DAAD Workshop (Kerman, Iran, 2003)
XVI Int. Congr. Science and Cultivation of Edible & Medicinal Fungi (Miami, USA, 2004)
XVII North American Mushroom Congr. (Miami, USA, 2004)
Academy colloq. Fungal Phylogenomics (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2004)
Int. Symp. Understanding poplar: From genes to functions (Göttingen, Germany, 2004)
CBS Int. Symp. 100 Years of Fungal Biodiversity & Ecology (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2004)
X Int. Congr. Culture Collections, ICCC10 (Tsukuba, Japan, 2004)
I, III and V Russian Congr. Medical Mycology (Moscow, Russia, 2003, 2005, 2006)
Int. Conf. Genetic and Cellular Biology of Basidiomycetes -VI (Pamplona, Spain, 2005)
MSA/MSJ Joint Meeting (Hilo, Hawaii, 2005)
Int. Conf. Biotechnol. and Health & DAAD Alumni Seminar (Yerevan, Armenia, 2005, 2008, 2010) - Member of Scientific Committee
III Int. Medicinal Mushrooms Conf., IMMC3 (Port Townsend, USA, 2005)
Workshop INTAS – South Caucasus 2006 (Tbilisi, Georgia, 2006)
Int. Conf. Adv. Biotechnol: Perspec. Develop. in Armenia (Tsakhkadzor, Armenia, 2006, 2008)
VIII Int. Mycological Congr. (Cairns, Australia, 2006)
I African Sci. Conf. Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms (Kampala, Uganda, 2006)
DAAD Alumni Seminar for the Southern Caucasus (Tbilisi, Georgia, 2007)
XV Congr. European Mycologist (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2007)
XI Int. Congr. Culture Collections, ICCC11 (Goslar, Germany, 2007)
BMS Annual Meeting. Ecology of Fungal Communities (Manchester, UK, 2007)
ESF Conf. Synthetic Biology, ECSB-2007 (St. Feliu de Guixols, Spain, 2007)
IV Int. Medicinal Mushrooms Conf., IMMC4 (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007) - Member of Scientific Committee
ESF World Conf. on Research Integrity (Lisbon, Portugal, 2007)
ESF Conf. System Biology (St. Feliu de Guixols, Spain, 2008)
XVII ISMS Congr. (Cape Town, South Africa, 2008)
IX Int. Congr. Plant Pathology (Turin, Italy, 2008)
III Congr. Int. di Spoleto sul Tartufo (Spoleto, Italy, 2008)
VI Int. Conf. Mushr. Biol. & Mushr. Prod. (Bonn, Germany, 2008)
ESF Conf. Copmlex Systems and Changes (St. Feliu de Guixols, Spain, 2009)
ESF-COST High-level Res. Conf. Natural Products Chemistry, Biology and Medicine-II (Acquafreda di Maratea, Italy, 2009)
DAAD Summer School in Borstel (Borstel, Germany, 2009)
V Int. Medicinal Mushrooms Conf., IMMC5 (Nantong, China, 2009)
DAAD Seminar Research in Germany (Yerevan, Armenia, 2010)
XVI National and XIV Intern. Conferences of Biology (Mashhad, Iran, 2010)
VI Int. Medicinal Mushrooms Conf., IMMC6 (Zagreb, Croatia, 2011) - Member of Scientific Committee
VII Int. Conf. Mushr. Biol. & Mushr. Prod. (Arcachon, France, 2011)
V National Congr. New Idea on Agriculture (Tehran, Iran, 2011)
III Congr. of Russian Mycologists (Moscow, Russia, 2012)
XVIII ISMS Congr. (Beijing, China, 2012)
ISTC Seminar “Modern State Biotechnol. Develop. Ways Commercialization” (Yerevan, Armenia, 2012)
VII Int. Medicinal Mushrooms Conf., IMMC7 (Beijing, China, 2013)
XII Int. Congr. Cult. Collections, ICCC13 (Beijing, China, 2013)
XI Int. Fungal Biology Conf. (Karlsruhe, Germany, 2013)
XII European Conf. Fungal Genetics. (Seville, Spain, 2014)
XII Int. Conf. on Mushr. Biol. and Mushr. Prod. ICMBMP8 (New Delhi, India, 2014) (Keynote speaker)
All-Russian conf with international participation “Biodiversity and ecology of fungi and fungiform organisms of the Northern Eurasia” (Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2015) (Plenary lecture).
The III Int. Mycological Forum (Moscow, Russia, 2015).
VIII Int. Medicinal Mushrooms Conf., IMMC8 (Manizales, Colombia, 2015)
XIX ISMS Congr. (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016)
VIII Int. Medicinal Mushrooms Conf., IMMC9 (Palermo, Italy, 2017)
IV Congr. Russian Mycologists (Moscow, Russia, 2017)
ICMBMP9 (Shanghai, China, 2018)
I Int. Conf. Curr State Pharmacy Prospects of Development (Yerevan, Armenia, 2018) (Oral presentation)
9th Edition Int. Conf. Cosmetology & Skin Care (London, UK, 2019) (Invited speaker)
5th Int. Congress & Expo Biotechnology and Bio engineering (London, UK, 2019) (Plenary lecture)
X Int. Medicinal Mushrooms Conf., IMMC10 (Nantong, China, 2019)
13th Symp. VAAM Special Group (Goettingen, Germany, 2019)
DAAD Int Conf Biotechnol & Health 2020 (ICBH-2020) (Yerevan, Armenia, 2020) (Oral presentation)
ISMS 2021 e-Congress.
BMS and AGM 2022, Cranfield University (UK, Cranfield, 2022) (Oral presentation)

Computer skills
Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Access

Armenian, Russian, English, French

(+374 60) 710 429; 34-29

Susanna M. Badalyan

Professor | Faculty of Biology


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