Valeri S. Harutyunyan
1972 – 1977: Yerevan State University, Faculty of Physics

Academic degree
PhD – 1988, Yerevan State University

Scientific interests
Theory of X-ray diffraction on crystalline compounds
Microstructure and physical properties of thin films
Cement-based materials
Nucleation and growth process of crystalline phases in liquid solutions
Experimental methods: optical microscopy, synchrotron soft X-ray microscopy, X-ray powder diffractometry, high-resolution X-ray diffractometry, infrared spectroscopy

Participation in projects
CRDF (Project No. AE-103)
CRDF (Project No. ARP2-2610-YE-04)
RA Science Committee grant 21T-1C324

Brunauer Award of the American Ceramic Society (Cements Division) in recognition of the best paper on cements published during the year 2003 – Harutyunyan V.S., Abovyan E.S., Monteiro P.J.M., Mkrtchyan V.P., Balyan M., Aivazyan A.P., X-ray Diffraction Investigations of Microstructure of Calcium Hydroxide Crystallites in the Interfacial Transition Zone of Concrete, Journal of the American Ceramic Society 86, p. 2162 (2003).

Armenian, Russian, Eglish

Valeri S. Harutyunyan

Leading Researcher | Faculty of Physics - Solid State Physics Research Laboratory


Zielinska-Rohozinska E., Regulska M., Harutyunyan V. S., Pakula K., Borowski J.

High resolution x-ray diffraction defect structure characterization in Si-doped and undoped GaN films | Materials Science and Engineering B91-92, p. 441 (2002)

Zargaryan E. G., Sarkisyan A. G, Harutyunyan V. S., Aivazyan A. P., Begoyan K.

X-Ray Diffraction Investigations of F Doping Effect on the Structure of Polycrystalline SrTiO3 | Proceedings of National Academy of Science of Armenia, series Physics, 37, No. 1, p. 44 (2002)

Harutyunyan V. S., Aivazyan A. P., Weber E. R., Kim Y., Park Y., Subramanya S. G.

High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Strain-Stress Analysis of GaN/Sapphire Heterostructures | Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 34, p. A1 (2001)

Harutyunyan V.S., Abovyan E.S., Monteiro P.J.M., Balyan M., Mkrtchyan V.P.

Microstrain distribution in calcium hydroxide present in the interfacial transition zone | Cement and Concrete Research 30, p. 709-713 (2000)

Harutyunyan V. S.

The X-Ray Diffraction of a Bicrystal with Narrow Plate-Shaped Nondiffracting Zone | Acta Crystallographica A 53, p. 407 (1997)
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