Virab G. Kirakosyan
2003 - 2008: Yerevan State University Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, qualification of Chemist-Pharmaceutist, Provisor,s.

Academic degree, rank
Ph.D in Chemistry

«Study regrouping azolopyrimidines containing bridging nitrogen atom». 2011, STC Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry NAS, Armenia

Scope of scientific interests
The study of the rearrangement reaction of condensed aminopyrazoles.
Synthesis of organophosphorus compounds in the conditions of interphase catalysis reactions.
Analytical method validation, analysis of drugs, optical methods of analysis.

Lectures delivered
Analysis methods drug,s quality
Quality management in the pharmaceutical industry (GLP, GMP, GDP and etc.)

Professional activities
2016 - present: Lecturer of Department Pharmaceutical chemistry and Pharmacognosy
2014 - present: First class analist at “Analytical laboratory” of “Scientific centre of drug and medical technology expertise” CJSC
2012 - 2014: Analyst at “Analytical laboratory” of “Scientific centre of drug and medical technology expertise” CJSC
2009 - 2013: Researcher of STC Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry NAS, Armenia

Prize for the best scientific article in 2011: "We demand increased funding for science, AG_GFA-G.Ts .1"

Qualification courses
Training course Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy St. Petersburg, Russia
Training course Advanced analytical techniques: Basic principles aplication for quality assessment of drugs and pharmaceuticals. Chandigarh, India.
Training course on Internal Audit of Quality System. Armenia, Yeravan

Russian, France, Greek

Virab G. Kirakosyan

Candidate of Chemistry, Assistant | Institute of Pharmacy - Chair of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy


Virab Kirakosyan, Andranik Davinyan

Method Validation of Compleximetric Titration for Determination of Iron in Iron Containing Drugs | Der Pharma Chemica, 2021, Volume 13, Issue 5, p.57-62

V.G. Kirakosyan, A.M. Davinyan, A.V.Ginosyan, L.H. Varderesyan

Development and validation of complexometric titration method for the determination of iron in iron-containing liquid dosage forms registered in the Republic of Armenia | Medical Science of Armenia, vol. LXI, No 4, 2021, p.39-45

V. Kirakosyan, A. Davinyan, L. Melikyan

Synthesis and separation of Z,E- isomers of some nitroso group containing organophosphorus compounds | Medicine, Science and Education No 28, 2019, p.112-113

V. Kirakosyan, A. Davinyan, L. Sahakyan

Synthesis of some nitroso grous containing organophosphorous comounds | Current state of pharmacy and prosects of its development 1 st international scientific conference, Yerevan, Armenia, november 01-03, 2018. p.74

Virab G. Kirakosyan, , ,

Phosphorylation o several CH-acids by dialkylphosphites in the presence of carbon tetrachloride and bases | Second international conferenceof young chemists, Tbilisi, 21-23 april, 2012, p. 46
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L.Yu. Sahakyan, V.G. Kirakosyan, A.H. Tsaturyan, L.E. Poghosyan, H.R. Kyureghyan, E.V. Minasyan, H.R. Petrosyan, T.H. Sargsyan

Detection and development of a quantitation method for undeclared compounds in antidiabetic biologically active additives and its validation by high performance liquid chromatography | Current State of Pharmacy and Prospects of its Development 2nd International Conference, October 22-23, 2021, Yerevan, Armenia, 19

Virab Kirakosyan, Aghavni Ginosyan

Rapid and Efficient High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Analysis of N-Nitrosodimethylamine Impurity in Metformine Hydrochloride, Losartane Potassium, Valsartane and Ranitidine Drugs Substance and its Products | Biotechnology: Science and Practice: Innovation and Business, Yerevan Armenia october 20-22, 2021, p. 52