Yuri H. Avetisyan
1966 - 1972: Graduated from Yerevan State University, Dept. of Physics, Specialization: Radiophysics and Electronics
1978 - 1979: Post Graduate Study at Yerevan State University, Dept. of Radiophysics.
1979: Candidate of Physical-Mathematical Sciences (Ph.D.), “Difference frequency generation in rectangular waveguides of the millimeters waveband”, Yerevan State University…
2007: Doctor of Sciences, “Terahertz waves generation in nonlinear periodical structures”, Yerevan State University

Work Experience
2010 - up to now Professor, Yerevan State University
2003 - 2010: Associate Professor, Yerevan State University
1997 - 2003: Head of Microwave Radiophysics and Telecommunication Dept., Yerevan State University
1980 - 1997: Associate Professor, Yerevan State University
1973 - 1980: Lecturer, Yerevan State University
1972 - 1973: Laboratory assistant, Yerevan State University

Academic courses/Teaching &Training Experiences
Lectures for Graduate and Postgraduate Courses on the subjects
Microwave engineering, Electrical circuit theory, Antennas, THz-wave physics

Main Research Interests/ Expertise
- Terahertz generation by laser frequency conversion methods
- Terahertz waveguides

Current research interests
- Terahertz generation in surface-emitting geometry
- Plasmon terahertz waveguides

Awards, Honors
- “Gold medal” from Yerevan State University in 2009
- “Best scientific work 2008” from National Academy of Sciences of Armenia

- Editorial Board Member of Armenian Journal of Physics
- Member of Optical Society of America

Language skills
Armenian, Russian, English.

Scientific trips
2011: Visiting Professor in Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University (Japan)
2001 - 2001: Visiting Professor in RIEC, Tohoku University (Japan)

(+374 10) 55-86-06

Yuri H. Avetisyan

Professor | Faculty of Radiophysics - Department of Microwave Radiophysics and Telecommunications


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