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Ha said, that there is a lot of scientific information that viruses have been, are and will be.


They cause serious human diseases, and therefore always pay attention to limiting the spread of viruses.


" It is wrong to think that they will disappear somewhere. No, they will only change as they mutate.". he said.


In conclusion, the speaker said that what people are doing now, they should always do.


In addition, attention should be paid to environmental measures, otherwise the consequences could be much worse.


"It can be said that nature "responds" to insufficient attention to its problems". he said.

Dean of the Faculty Mr. H. Sargsyan welcomed those present and briefly reflected on the challenges of the current education system.

Dean also spoke about their cooperation with the Moscow State University, the need for digital administration and the quality of education.


Executive Director of Yerevan Branch of Lomonosov State University Pavel Safaryan presented the Yerevan Branch of Lomonosov State University, its structure, talked about plans to develop the branch and make it better. "Our branch does not have any financial support from any state institution, but it has the intention and desire to develop."

The cooperating sides signed a memorandum containing 5 articles and congratulated each other.

At the end of the meeting, there was a brief discussion on the cooperation.

YSU Scientific Secretary Levon Hovsepyan told us that the register contains facts about the protection of scientific degrees in Russian, about the personal data of the authors of the scientific works, topics of dissertation, opponents.


According to the register, the first candidate's thesis was defended by Gegham Galfyan in 1938 in chemical science.

According to Levon Hovsepyan, it is interesting that postgraduate studies at YSU were opened in 1928.


The book also contains information on the candidate's thesis on literary critic Mkrtich Mkryan.

He was  the author of the first dissertation on Armenian literature in 1939.


The register also states that in the 1960s science developed in Armenia.





David Hayrapetyan spoke about the methods of creativity, the problems and current issues.

The interview is available in Armenian version.

According to the head of the Department of Iranian Studies, Vardan Voskanyan, the purpose of these traditional events is to convey to teachers and students the achievements of modern Iranian research.

In an interview with, University of Bonn professor Sebastian Heine said the lecture is dedicated to epic and military literature created in Afghanistan, which is important from the point of view of Iranian achievements, is a living language, has huge literary traditions and monuments.

V. Voskanyan said that well-known lecturers in the framework of these events will talk about less studied Iranian languages and dialects.