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On August 22, Karen Ghambaryan, Doctor of the Chair of Semiconductor Physics and Microelectronics, was awarded a Gold Medal for his outstanding contribution to the study of nanotechnology, nanoelectronics and semiconductor material science by the International Association of Advanced Materials in Stockholm. This year, 24 researchers were awarded gold medals.


“It has been a long time since I cooperate with the International Association of Advanced Materials. I was not even aware that my work had been studied and that was highly appreciated. Undoubtedly, it is very pleasant. I am also proud that I have been able to once again voice the name of Armenia and YSU in the international academic environment, which has not been done so far,” - says Karen Ghambaryan.


The professor added that the annual award ceremony was held in Stockholm on August 21-25 as part of the summit of the European Advanced Materials Congress, where he had made a report and chaired one of the sections.


It should be noted that about 50.000 scientists from 146 countries are the members of this association. Armenia is represented here by Karen Ghambaryan.

The international symposium on “Symmetry Methods in Physics”, organized by YSU International Center for Perspective Research and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, was launched on July 9 and was summarized today.


The conference, which is held once every two years, was established in 1993 at the University of Dubna. Over the years, it has been held in addition to Dubna also in the Czech Republic, and in recent years the conference has “settled down” in Armenia. Scientists from the United States, Mexico, France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Belarus and other countries have arrived in Yerevan to participate in the 17th International Conference.


“This year we decided to hold a conference with one section so that everyone could attend it. We have different duration reports. Importantly, Armenian specialists are also involved. People here find associates, colleagues working on the same topics, and there are scientific contacts that turn into practical cooperation,” - says Georgi Poghosyan, Director of the International Center for Perspective Research at Yerevan State University.



Professor of the Center for Physical Sciences at the National University of Mexico, Court Bernardo Wolf, has rich experience in cooperating with the Armenian scientists. He has begun to work with them since the Soviet era: “At the moment we have joint work with Mr. Poghosyan. Of course, it is quite difficult today to write an article on theoretical physics to draw attention on it, but we have directions where there is much to study.”


Sergei Vinitski, a researcher from Dubna Bogomolov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, also works with Armenian physicists for a long time and is a permanent participant of this conference and has recently been awarded the title of Honorary Professor at the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University.


“This is a very good platform to see with the latest research results in different scientific centers and find partners. Nearly 10 years ago I got acquainted with Hayk Sarsikyan and Hayk Ghazaryan and we are still working together on quantum dental research in nanotechnology. At this conference we have presented the latest results,” - says Mr. Vinitski.


It should be noted that starting with 2011, a summer school is also being adjunct to the conference with students from Armenia and different countries, and some of the lecturers are the participants of the conference. This year the Summer School will start in Tsaghkadzor on July 16.

The 11th and 12th grade pupils of senior schools, bachelor and master students of the universities participated in the school organized by the American University of Armenia in cooperation with Zaven and Sonya Akyan Science and Engineering College.


Lectures were delivered by Vahagn Aslanyan (Oxford University, UK, topic “Theory of Modeling and Algebraic Geometry”), Karen Keryan (YSU and AUA, Armenia, topic “The Use of the Multiple Method”), Armenak Petrosyan (Vanderbilt University, USA , topic “Short Sampling”), Michael Poghosyan (YSU and AUA, Armenia, topic “Monte Carlo Method”), Sergey Tabachnikov (Pennsylvania State University, USA, topic “Mathematical Billiards”) and Karen Yeritsyan (Swedish Royal Technology Institute, Sweden, topic “Machine Learning”).


Seminars were held by Albert Gevorgyan (YSU, Armenia, topic “No Euclidean Geometry”), Aram Grigoryan (Duke University, USA, topic “Public Choice Problem and Arrow’s Impossibility Theory”), Hrayr Azizbekyan (Institute of Physics of NAS RA and YSU, Armenia, topics “The Problem of Image Movement Determination”, “Applied Mathematics in the Science Perspective”) and Anush Mkoyan (YSMU, Armenia, topic “To be or not to be vegetarian?”, (its positive and negative sides)).


Topics for lectures and seminars were chosen so that participants could gain applied and new knowledge.


During the school, a meeting was held with the management of Armenian Office of Fountain Medical Development (FMD K & L). In the framework of the meeting the objectives of the company were presented, as well as what knowledge is needed to find a job in the company. It should be noted that the company has a tendency to grow and the meeting with the participants of the summer school was not accidental. An Open Day was held for the participants at the company’s Armenian office. Some will also take part in the company’s training sessions, after which the best will go to work.


As in previous years, this time also a math competition was held among the participants. Teams, composed of up to five members, solved a number of tasks. The winning team members were awarded prizes.


The participants also played “What, Where, When” intellectual game. In this case, the winning team members also had awards.


Within the framework of the Summer School, folk dance lessons were organized, the participants learned to dance “Etchmiadzin”, “Tamzara”, “Karno Kochari”. There was also a traditional cultural evening, which ended with a bonfire.


The sponsors of the Summer School are Research Mathematics Foundation, American University of Armenia, “Tor’ and “Byur Solutions”" LLC. Detailed information on all summer schools can be found on

The international conference dedicated to Byron is organized in the United States, Europe and Asia. This is the 43rd edition of this event, which this time is being held in Armenia, particularly at YSU. The organizer is YSU Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology. Countries that have a good school of Byron Studies and rich legacy in the field of these studies are chosen as the host sides of the conference.


The host country for the conference is selected by the International Association of Byron Societies based on the discussion of the submitted applications. This year, about 30 specialists from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Georgia and other countries have arrived in Armenia to take part in the conference “Byron, Time and Space”. Armenian specialists and students also will make reports.


“In the context of Byron’s creative heritage particularly his relationship with Armenians, starting with the Mekhitarist Congregation from 1816-17 has been emphasized. And in fact, we celebrate the 200th anniversary of these relations. The geography of the participants proves that Byron’s legacy is always alive and is of great interest in different countries. And we, Armenians, have always had a special attitude towards him, taking into consideration his sympathy for the Armenian language and Armenian culture,” - says Dean of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology Samvel Abrahamyan.



The opening ceremony of the two-day conference took place today in the Hall of Sessions of YSU Academic Council. In addition to YSU administration, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Armenia Judith Margaret Farnworth also made welcoming remarks.


“It is impressive to see how many countries participant in this conference. I would like to thank Yerevan State University for organizing this event and you all for the participation. If this is your first visit to Armenia, I am sure you will have unforgettable impressions,” - Mrs. Ambassador noted.


The Chairman of the International Association of Byron Societies Naji Oueijan expressed satisfaction with the organization of the conference and believes that holding this conference in Armenia is very symbolic.


The main report of the conference was made by the Professor of the University of Liverpool Bernard Beatty, followed by the works in separate sections.


Foreign guests have visited Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex, Matenadaran and Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.


The conference was organized at the initiative of YSU, Armenian Economic Union and American University of Armenia. Representatives from different universities and organizations from both Armenia and abroad are participating in the international conference.


Dean of YSU Faculty of Economics and Management Hayk Sargsyan made an opening speech and noted this event has become traditional: “We hold our joint conference for the 6th time. During the three days important reports in this area will be made, which will be followed by the final session, during which we will sum up our achievements.”


RA Minister of Economic Development and Investments Suren Karayan was also present at the opening of the conference. He read the message of the RA Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan addressed to the participants.


YSU Vice-rector on Scientific Policy and International Cooperation Gegham Gevorgyan, congratulating the participants, said: “The problems put forward in this area and proposals for their solution should provide development and progress for us.”


The Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia Nerses Yeritsyan also congratulated the participants: “In order to achieve progress we have to carry out a lot of research and this event is very important in that regard.”


The conference sessions will be held at YSU faculties of Economics and Management and Mathematics and Mechanics as well as at the American University of Armenia.