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The Opening Ceremony of the 4th International Conference
The Opening Ceremony of the 4th International Conference
The 4th International Conference is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the SSS

The opening ceremony of the 4th International Conference dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the SSS was launched on October 2. YSU Deputy-Rector Ruben Markosyan, Director of the Center for Student Affairs Vahagn Varagyan, faculty representatives, former and current members of SSS, and around 350 local and foreign conference reporters were participating in the event.



The opening ceremony commenced with the choir of YSU Cultural Center performing YSU anthem, followed by the speeches of the Chairman of YSU SSS Mher Hakobyan and YSU Deputy-Rector Ruben Markosyan. Mr. Hakobyan greeted all participants and expressed gratitude to YSU rectorate for supporting the conference, the academic staff for professional support and the Cultural Center for organizing cultural activities, and to all members of SSS for their hard work and commitment.




The SSS Chairman briefly outlines the outstanding seventy-year path of SSS as the oldest student structure of the Republic of Armenia, focusing on its significance as a platform for promoting scientific interests of young people. It was also mentioned that the Conference is the largest and geographically most comprehensive scientific youth event of the year: 350 participants from 14 countries will present their research outcomes in 17 professional panels.


Mr. Ruben Markosyan - YSU Deputy-Rector on Students, Alumni and Public Relations - proudly recalled the years of his active membership in the SSS. He conveyed the greetings of YSU Rector Prof. Simonyan to the participants of the conference and noted that the achievements of SSS, the quality and scope of the work done are truly considerable, resulting in the organization of the current International Conference.


He wished good luck and effective working process during the conference, stressing that, despite the events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of SSS will continue throughout the year, the occasion will be marked on October 6 at the closing ceremony of the conference.

The opening ceremony will be followed by presentations at several departments: Law, Linguistics, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics and mechanics, History, Philosophy and Psychology, Pharmaceutics. The full programme of the conference can be found here.

The opening ceremony of the Conference was followed by sessions in several panels.
Celebration of Mandarin at the faculty of Philosophy and Phychology
This year the annual Mandarin feast initiated by the students of the faculty of Philosophy and Psychology took place on 1 December.

Chairman of SSS: Vanatur Sherents

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