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The SSS Media Committee (MC) was founded by the decision of the SSS Academic Council in 2009. It is responsible for media coverage, creating and disseminating announcements and press releases regarding the SSS activities in order to keep the undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate students and the young researchers informed on the SSS activities. The Committee also takes care of updating informative and science supplementary materials on the SSS official website.

Since July 2015, the Chairman of the Media Committee has been Hayk Smbatyan who is currently a Senior student enrolled at the Faculty of Sociology.

Any student at YSU SSS can join the Media Committee, in case of being interested in the Committee's activities. Currently each faculty at YSU has at least one representative in the MC.

Furthermore, MC has organized several helpful events, such as intellectual games, student press-conferences, journalism trainings, etc.

Media Committee Staff

Hayk Smbatyan - Chairman of the Media Committee (Senior student at the Faculty of Sociology) 

Was born on 24 September, 1995 in Yerevan, Armenia. Got his primary education at the school N. 83 (Yerevan) in 2013 and enrolled in the Faculty of Sociology at YSU.

Between 2008-2011 Hayk worked at Teen Club of the Public Radio of Armenia. In 2011-2013 was involved in TV and multimedia journalism.

Hayk is currently working at informative platform as a reporter and translator. Have participated in a number of student projects throughout the South Caucasus region, Europe as well as the United States.

Since 2013 being an active member of SSS of Faculty of Sociology, got elected the secretary of the faculty subdivision of SSS in 2015. On July 2015 he was appointed the Chairman of Media Committee, and on September 2016 was elected the Chairman of SSS of Faculty of Sociology. Has participated in 2 scientific conference and has 1 scientific publication. 

 Anush Manvelyan  Faculty of Geography and Geology
 Goharik Ghazaryan  Faculty of Theology
 Hripsime Torosyan  Faculty of Oriental Studies
 Vahe Gharakhanyan  Faculty of Pharmacology and Chemistry
 Sirarpi Aghababyan  Faculty of Journalism
 Taguhi Asatryan  Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics
 Anna Hakobyan  Faculty of Law 
 Tamara Ohandjanyan  Faculty of Biology 
 Hermine Karapetyan  Faculty of Armenian Philology
 Anush Sahakyan  Faculty of International Relations
 Gayane Hovhannisyan  Faculty of History 
 Avet Gizlaryan  Faculty of Radiophysics 
 Emma Baghdasaryan  Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology
 Taguhi Ochinyan  Faculty of Russian Philology
 Gevorg Ghalachyan  Faculty of Economic and Management
 Tsoghik Aleksanyan  Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology
 Maria Khachatryan  Faculty of Physics 



Chairman of SSS: Vanatur Sherents

Address: 1 Alex Manoogian str., YSU Main Building, Student Centre

Phone: (+374 60) 710194, 1194 (inner line),



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