Faculty of Economics and Management


- Mikayel Ghukasyan (Chairman of Faculty SSS, Chair of Mathematical Modeling in Economics, Master's 1st year)
- Lusine Aleksanyan (Secretary of Faculty SSS, 3rd year
- Gevorg Loretsyan (Member of YSU SSS Media Committee, 3rd year)
- Levon Gevorgyan (Master's 2nd year)
- Victoria Stepanyan (Master's 2nd year)
- Ashot Nanyan (Master's 1st year)
- Nune Davtyan (3rd year)
- Lusine Ayunts (3rd year)
- Lusine Davtyan (3rd year)
- Hripsime Atanyan (3rd year)
- Arpen Zakaryan (3rd year)
- Gevorg Ghalachyan (2nd year)


Chairman of SSS: Vanatur Sherents

Address: 1 Alex Manoogian str., YSU Main Building, Student Centre

Phone: (+374 60) 710194, 1194 (inner line),



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