Faculty of Oriental Studies

The courses on Oriental Studies have been conducted since the very first years of YSU foundation. In September 1940, thanks to Professor H. Acharyan’s initiative the Department of Oriental Studies was founded. Years later - in 1968, the Faculty of Oriental Studies was reorganized into a separate structural unit. Professor Georgy Nalbandyan took the leadership of the Faculty.

Student Scientific Society (SSS) of the faculty of Oriental Studies has functioned actively since the times of Soviet Union. Prof. David Hovhannisyan (PhD in Philology), Prof. Alexander Safaryan (PhD in History, then the Head of the Department of Turkish Studies), Associate Prof. Samvel Karabekyan (PhD in Philology) once chaired the faculty SSS.

In recent years, the works of faculty SSS took a new turn. The former Chairman Vardan Kostanyan, an alumni of the Department of Persian Studies has his significant contribution in this. The current Chairman of faculty SSS is Arshak Gevorgyan, who is a 1st year graduate student at the  Department of Turkish Studies. He has been a member of SSS since 2012. The secretary is Vram Khojagoryan, who is a 2nd year graduate student.

The SSS of Faculty of Oriental Studies constantly organizes various events, including "From East to West" traditional inter-university conference, faculty debate championship after Mary Kochar, Championship of “White” building of the intellectual game "What? Where? When?", “Eastern Issues” series of lectures (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).


- Arshak Gevorgyan (Chairman of faculty SSS, Chair of Turkish Studies, Master's 1st year)
- Zaven Kostanyan (Secretary of faculty SSS, Chair of Iranian Studies, 3rd year)
- Vram Khojagoryan (Master's 2nd year)
- Diana Yeghiazaryan (Master's 2nd year)
- Artyom Tonoyan (PhD student at the Chair of Arabic Studies)
- Lusine Mkrtchyan (Master's 2nd year)
- Araks Manucharyan (Master's 1st year)
- Ani Davtyan (Master's 1st year)
- Anahit Gaboyan (Master's 1st year)
- Taevik Brutyan (Master's 1st year)

- Aren Petunts (3rd year)


Chairman of SSS: Vanatur Sherents

Address: 1 Alex Manoogian str., YSU Main Building, Student Centre

Phone: (+374 60) 710194, 1194 (inner line),



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