Faculty of Physics

YSU Faculty of Physics, comprised of the departments Physics and Mathematics, was founded in 1933. After the foundation of YSU Student Scientific Society (SSS) a corresponding department was formed at the faculty. In order to foster development of physics, the Faculty of Physics was separated from the Faculty Physics and Mathematics in 1959. The SSS continued to function actively in the new faculty, too.

The SSS of the Faculty of Physics organizes events from inter-faculty to international levels. Faculty events include series of seminar and round table discussions series, special series of trainings, intellectual games, visits to physics research institutions, etc.

The SSS of the Faculty of Physics jointly with OSA (The Optical Society of America) and SPIE (The international society for optics and photonics) has organized international events, such as FOP (Frontiers in Optics & Photonics” - 2012), IONS (International OSA Network of Students 2013) , etc.

The SSS of the Faculty of Physics has an info group and a page in Facebook, which is regularly updated with new announcements.



- Vachik Khachatryan (Chairman of faculty SSS, Chair of Nuclear Physics, Master's 1st year)
- Lilit Grigoryan (Secretary of faculty SSS, Chair of Theoretical Physics, Master's 1st year)
- Hakob Hakobyan (PhD student at the Chair of General Physics)
- Ashkhen Nalbandyan (Master's 1st year)
- Anush Sargsyan (Master's 1st year)
- Gohar Matevosyan (Master's 1st year)
- Grigor Sargsyan (Master's 1st year)
- Hayk Sargsyan (Master's 1st year)
- Maria Khachatryan (Master's 1st year)
- Marine Sahakyan (Master's 1st year)
- Naira Grigoryan (Master's 1st year)

- Harout Hovakimyan (4th year)
- Arman Mkhitaryan (3rd year)
- Gor Nikoghosyan (3rd year)
- Shahen Mehrabyan (3rd year)
- Tigran Mkrtchyan (3rd year)


Chairman of SSS: Vanatur Sherents

Address: 1 Alex Manoogian str., YSU Main Building, Student Centre

Phone: (+374 60) 710194, 1194 (inner line),



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