Faculty of Sociology

The Student Scientific Society of the faculty of Sociology has precisely formed traditions owing to the always-stable and productive hard work over years. Since its first steps the SSS has managed to acquire a strong trust among students, professors as well as the working stuff of the faculty, meanwhile becoming a unique platform uniting the students who are interested in science.

The faculty SSS has a wide range of activities. Our team organizes conferences, seminars, public lectures, round-table discussions, olympiads and so on. A quite special event is the sociological conference that unites the whole faculty on its anniversary day in November annually, giving all students an opportunity to present their latest research results. The SSS of the faculty strongly encourages the future sociologist students to actively take part in the SSS activities. Any student is given a chance to join us starting from the first year of his/her studies, initially as a volunteer, and in the future as a fully involved member of the Student Scientific Society in case of a productive hard work. However, there are no borders between SSS volunteers and members, especially when it comes to new ideas and feasible suggestions.

The SSS of the faculty of Sociology has a blog called SocioBlogy and a Facebook pageYou can always contact us by email as well (

The Chairman of the Student Scientific Society of the faculty of Sociology is now Ofelia Grigoryan, who is a 2nd year graduate student, and the SSS Secretary is Shushan Ghahriyan, a 1st year Master's student.


- Ofelia Grigoryan (Chairman of faculty SSS, Chair of Applied Sociology, Master's 2nd year)
- Shushan Gahriyan (Secretary of faculty SSS, Chair of Applied Sociology, Master's 1st year)
- Mariam Khalatyan (Master's 2nd year)
- Shoghik Arshakyan (Master's 2nd year)
- Anna Atoyan (Master's 1st year)
- Tatevik Kaapetyan (Master's 1st year)
- Mariam Gevorgyan (3rd year)
- Nona Aghajanyan (3rd year)
- Gayane Khachatryan (3rd year)
- Marta Mamyan (3rd year)
- Lilit Khachatryan (3rd year)
- Arthur Muradyan (2nd year)
- Hayk Smbatyan (2nd year)
- Shushan Abrahamyan (2nd year)
- Shushanik Sargsyan (2nd year)
- Vardan Vardanyan (1st year)



Chairman of SSS: Vanatur Sherents

Address: 1 Alex Manoogian str., YSU Main Building, Student Centre

Phone: (+374 60) 710194, 1194 (inner line),



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