2013-11-22 16:42:05


The next 5 years Armen Avetisyan will be the President of YSU Trade Union Organization.

The 4th congress of YSU Trade Union Organization was held today. On the agenda was the approval of the governing body of the organization - Trade Union Committee.

Immediately after the congress the first session of the newly elected Trade Union Committee was convened, on which all members of the committee – 31, were present. On the agenda were two issues: election of the president and the secretary.

The session was chaired by the senior member of Trade Union Committee, Chairman of the Trade Union Bureau of the Faculty of Geography and Geology Mitush Torosyan.

The only candidate Armen Avetisyan was unanimously re-elected President of the Trade Union Organization at the 5-year term.

At the suggestion of Mr. Avetisyan Secretary of Trade Union Organization was unanimously elected the Chairman of the Trade Union Bureau of the Division on Accounting, Purchases, Delivery and Storing Artashes Mamajanyan.

“In the framework of our activities we are guided by the motto “For the university solidarity, rights of the employees and social justice”. We do not advocate a solution to social or legal problems in terms of internal instability, and vice versa - advocate a solution to the problem by using a constant, balanced strategy,” - said the re-elected President Armen Avetisyan.