2015-05-20 15:06:41


In the next 3 years, the relations between the employer and employees will also be regulated by the Collective Agreement.

The Collective Agreement was signed between the Acting Rector of YSU Aram Simonyan and Chairman of YSU Trade Union Organization Armen Avetisyan.

“The first Collective Agreement was signed in 2007. The development of the draft of the current - third collective agreement by a special commission started in March of this year,” – said Chairman of YSU Trade Union Organization Armen Avetisyan.

The commission on the development of the draft of the new collective agreement has almost completely revised this document and submitted it to YSU faculties and structural subdivisions for further discussions. More than 2000 employees of YSU from total 2800 participated in these discussions and more than 95% % voted in favor of the draft. Having summarized the results the document was submitted for signing by the commission.

“We should note this agreement is a major breakthrough in the field of human resource management. We already discuss the issues, related to the passport of the position and appointment to this or that position. These documents are currently in preparation. The approaches of the employer and the trade union in the area of improvement the management of human resources are clarified in this agreement,” - said the Chairman of the commission, YSU Vice-rector on Students, Alumni and Public Relations Ruben Markosyan.

The Commission is composed of 6 members: vice-rectors Ruben Markosyan and Ararat Malkhasyan, Head of YSU Division on Juridical Affairs Armen Tadevosyan (they present employer), the other 3 represent YSU Trade Union Organization: Head of the Trade Union Bureau of the Faculty of Law Ashot Petrosyan, Head of the Trade Union Bureau of the Faculty of Pharmacology and Chemistry Razmik Mkhitaryan and Secretary of YSU Trade Union Organization Artashes Mamajanyan. The commission is chaired by Ruben Markosyan, the Secretary is Artashes Mamajanyan.

“This agreement is very important as we have not clarified the employer-employee relations up now. They are mainly coordinated by the old regulations and traditions that no longer work in the new conditions. That is why we have financial losses, low labor productivity. One more phenomena inherited from the past is the unreasonable and unjustified equalization: qualified and skillful specialist and the one with low productivity actually enjoy the same conditions, in most cases receive the same salary, which is unacceptable,” - said YSU Acting Rector Aram Simonyan.

Chairman of YSU Trade Union Organization Armen Avetisyan, expressing commission his gratitude for the work done, said that this is a step forward compared to the previous collective agreement.

“This agreement contains provisions which were not included in the previous one, for example, the section on the protection of motherhood. The sections on wages, labor relations and conditions, leisure, social security have been revised and improved. The relations between the employer and Trade Union have also been clarified. One of the most important provisions of the agreement is that from now on the employer cannot terminate the job contract for a definite or indefinite period without the written agreement of the Trade Union. If we call to life all the provisions of the collective agreement, both university and the staff will benefit from it,” - assured Armen Avetisyan.