2010-06-09 15:06:51


YSU launched a new social program.

According to Yerevan State University Trade Union Chairman proposal, during the TU session on 07.06.2010 a decision was made on the following: university staff employees in connection with the first child being born from now on will be provided a one-time cash assistance to 35 thousand drams, for the second child the amount is doubled and tripled for the third case. The allocation is made by YSU Trade Union Organization budget. In case of pair children the amount will be calculated on the principle of the first and second child, the childs second pair case-on the second and third principle.

The project started on June 1, International Childrens Day, it has got continuous nature. At this moment, according to Trade Union data, there are 43 pregnant employees in the University or pregnant wives of the employees. 24 of them are waiting for the first child; one for twins, 18 of them - second child, and one-third.

In accordance with established procedures, if the childs mother works in university, you must present mothers passport and born childs birth certificate copies, and if the newborns father is YSU employee, husbands passport, marriage certificate and childs birth certificate copies. In case of the absence of the Civil Registry certificate must be submitted documents recognizing paternity.

In the framework of this social program YSU Trade Union has goal to increase the birth rate and to encourage t young families.

Mr. Avetisyan says that in such cases people avoid expressing their information; perhaps the above-mentioned data can be changed. In Chairmans opinion, this number will increase after the project launching.

Armen Avetisyan says that 35 thousand AMD can not improve peoples social conditions; however, in case of supporters and partners YSU Trade Union is ready to increase the sum amount of support to help somehow people, who are involved in educational activities.

We gladly welcome the possibility to cooperate with organizations and foundations, who will express a desire to join this initiative of YSU Trade Union, - says Mr. Avetisyan.

In his opinion, this program can be a stimulus to other universities trade union organizations.