YSU Trade Union Organization, starting from January 1, 2016, implements the program ''Extra payment for the employees with disabilities". Through this program, all employees with disabilities receive monthly extra payments to the salary in accordance with the disability group:

20,000 AMD for the employees who have the first group of disability

15,000 AMD for the employees who have the second group of disability,

10,000 AMD for the employees who have the third group of disability

To receive extra payments document issued by the Agency of Medical and Social Expertise that confirms the disability group should be submitted to YSU Trade Union Organization.

Starting with 2011, YSU Trade Union Organization is implementing a program “Free legal assistance for YSU staff”. The staff of Yerevan State University is provided with free legal consultations on labor, civil, family, administrative matters. Also, on behalf of the employees of YSU representation in the state and local government, municipality, district municipalities, condominium, courts, police departments, banks and other institutions is ensured.

Starting with June of 2010, YSU Trade Union Organization is implementing a program “Postnatal support”. Under this program, the firstborn of every employee receives a 35,000 AMD, the second child - 70.000, the third - 105,000, then 35,000 drams for each subsequent child. If twins are born, the calculation is made based on the first and second child, and if the second pair of twins are born - on the basis of the second and third child.


YSU Trade Union Organization supports the vacation and recreational issues of YSU staff at YSU Sanatorium in Tsaghkadzor. Thanks to this initiative YSU employees and their family members have the opportunity to spend their holidays at relatively affordable prices.




YSU Trade Union Organization is implementing the program “Free tickets for performance in theaters.” In the framework of this program during the whole academic year, YSU Trade Union Organization buys tickets from the various theaters of our capital and distributes them free of charge to all employees of YSU.

YSU Trade Union Organization is implementing a program “Financial Assistance”, under which persons who are in an extremely difficult financial conditions receive financial assistance.

In the row of social assistance programs, a special place belongs to the program “Medical Assistance”. Within the framework of the program financial assistance for medical purposes in a certain amount is provided. The program is available to all socially vulnerable employees on presentation of the appropriate medical certificate issued by the medical institution. The program is available twice a year, but not more than once in six months.

YSU Trade Union Organization is implementing a program “Travel to Tsaghkadzor for newlyweds”. Under this program, the newlyweds (YSU staff members) travel to YSU Recreation House “Hamalsaran” in Tsaghkadzor free of charge for five days. They can use this opportunity in the period of six months starting with the date of registration of marriage. It is necessary to provide the relevant documents in advance.

YSU Trade Union Organization implements the "Compensation for 5% for Compulsory Civil Liability Motor Vehicle Insurance for Employees" program. Owing to this program, YSU employees have the opportunity to make the insurance of their cars and cars of their family members at a fixed rate of 5%.