Elina Asriyan

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

2020 - 2021։ UASP, George Mason University, USA CEU-UASP Research Management and Leadership Program
2018 - 2021։ Postdoctoral researcher, YSU
2004 - 2008։ Public Administration Academy, PhD student
2002 - 2004։ Master’s degree in Psychology, YSU
1998 - 2002։ Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, YSU

Scientific degree
PhD in Psychology
PhD thesis - “Myth as a socio-psychological factor of a political leader image formation”

Professional experience
Since 2022 up to date: Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, YSU
Since 2021 up to date: Representative in the Bologna Follow-Up Group
2019 - 2022: Vice-Rector for Humanities and Social Sciences, YSU
2018 - 2019: Head of Creative Industries Department, RAU
2012 up to date: Dep. of General Psychology, Associate professor
2009 - 2012: Dep. of General Psychology, Assistant, YSU
2009 - 2019: Institute of Media and Advertising, Associate prof.
2008 - up to date: Researcher, Lab. of Experimental Psychology, YSU
2007 – 2009: Dep. of Theory of Psychology, Lecturer, YSU
2005 – 2007: Dep. of Psychology, Lecturer, PAA RA
2004 – 2005: Adviser of Rector, PAA RA
2002 – 2004: Yerevan Public Psychological Centre, Psychologist

Main field: Social Psychology, Image Psychology, PR Psychology

Lectures delivered
General Psychology, Psychology of Image, Advertising and PR Psychology, Psychology of Communication, Psychology of Emotional System

Additional professional certificates
2017 July 3-15: Study Course “The current research problems of methodology of the social science and humanities, Poland.
2016 July 3-16: Study Course “New directions of the social sciences and humanities” Slovakia.
2015 July 5-19: Study Course “Humanities and social sciences: current problems and research “Italy.
2014 June 29 - July 14: Summer school “Humanities and social sciences: current problems and research”, Poland.
2011 - 2015: Training Courses of YSU’ lecturers
2012: Ericksonian hypnosis and psychotherapy, instructor B. Erickson
2009 - 2010: Bereavement Research and Practice, DAAD, Germany
2009: “Brand and Branding”, master-class provided by Mr. Al. Ganzha, RF
2004: Fundamentals of the method of psychodrama, provided by “Maevtike” NGO
2003 November - 2004 February: Training on increasing sensitivity to psychomotor responses
2003: Fundamentals of psychological counselling, Training course organized by Arm. Republic Psychological Centre, 72 hours (certificate)

Projects and Grants
2021-2023։ Psychological Wellbeing of students in Armenia, SCS
2021 Feb.-Sept.։ UNDP, Stronger Services for Equal Participation and Inclusive Development, #00121975
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre of Servicepersons, Coordinator of Analytical and Training Department
2019-up to date MINERVA (Strengthening Research Management and Open Science capacities of HEIs in Moldova and Armenia), EU “Erasmus+”
2020-up to date ARMDOCT project, EU “Erasmus+”
2013-2015։ The peculiarities of forming person’s spatial orientation in modern information environment
2011-2013։ The person’s spatial-temporal perception manifestation specifics and its regulation at individual and socio-psychological levels, SCS<ի>
Travel grants Goulbenkian foundation, SCS RA, DAAD

Awards received
2003: YSU, silver medal
2017: RAU, best lecturer

Knowledge of languages
Armenian, Russian, English

“Ego” Young Psychologists NGO

Tel.: (+374 10) 554702, (+374 60) 71-01-10,  11-10 (inner line)
Fax: (+374 10) 554641
E-mail: elina.asriyan@ysu.am