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The lecturers who had taken refresher courses at the universities-partners of “ERASMUS+ PRINTeL” project presented the knowledge and tools they got to YSU administration at the Session Hall of YSU Academic Council.

YSU Rector Aram Simonyan, the Vice-rector for Academic Affairs Alexander Grigoryan, the Vice-rector on Scientific Policy and International Cooperation Gegham Gevorgyan, the head of International Cooperation Department Alexander Markarov, the head of Educational-Methodological Department Hrant Zhamharyan, the head of Postgraduate Additional Education Zhasmen Aghasyan were present at the discussion.

The deputy Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, the director of Quality Assurance Centre Armen Budaghyan briefly presented the program, “The main goal of education is modernization of one of the global challenges-teaching and learning, and their further development via bringing innovations into the process of teaching. According to him, it is necessary to understand how the knowledge they gained can be applied at YSU.

The Associate Professor of the Pedagogy and Education Development Centre Anna Alexanyan, the assistant at the IT Educational and Research Centre Arthur Avagyan and the Associate Professor of the Faculty of Chemistry Liana Gabrielyan participated in the course entitled “Combined teaching and studies” held at Joanneum University of Applied Sciences of Graz (Austria).

Anna Alexanyan presented the idea of combined teaching and studies. She mentioned that teaching can’t be effective when only classroom facilities are applied. Information Technologies play a great role in students’ life. Introducing the experience of the universities of different countries we revealed the advantages and disadvantages”.

According to her, online tools of software teaching promotion ere attached importance to. It is interesting to combine online tools with traditional methods of teaching.

Arthur Avagyan spoke about the possibilities the combined method outlining that makes the work more transparent and effective.

The assistant at the Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology Gohar Madoyan and Associate Professor Lilit Sargsyan, Doctor of Biology of the Faculty of Biology Karen Trchounyan and the Associate professor of the Faculty of Geography and Geology Tigran Sargsyan took part in the refreshment course entitled “Active Learning” held at Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium).

Karen Trchounyan said the method makes it possible to involve 90 % of the auditorium. During the refreshment course the lecturers discussed the role of the teacher as an electronic moderator and reflective performer and the peculiarities of the methods to be applied in classroom.

The group submitted their offers for the development of active learning at YSU. The offers included application of online platforms, creation of manuals for teachers and so on.

Lilit Sargsyan mentioned that such methods increase the involvement of students in programs.

The lecturer of The Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology Marine Yaghubyan and the lecturer of the Faculty of Law Ani Simonyan participated in the course entitled “Video materials as a teaching tool for teachers and students” in the University of Porto.

They outlined that preparing video materials has a number of problems such as teachers’ confusion and having to make a number of trials.

Among the advantages they pointed out the necessity of strengthening of teaching quality control.

The YSU Scientific Secretary, the Associate Professor of the Chair of Political Institutes and Processes Menua Soghomonyan, the acting head of the Chair of Service Gor Alexanyan and the Associate Professor of the Chair of Philosophy history Serob Khachatryan participated in the refreshment course entitled “Active learning in flipped classrooms” at Linköping University (Sweden).

Serpb Khachatryan pointed out that planning and technology application skills were gained during the course.

Presenting the details of the course Menua Soghomonyan noted that it is necessary to create such an environment where students would like to spare their free time.

Referring to the problems of applying active learning he outlined the busy routine of students, low level of digital skills of students and teachers. It was suggested to decrease students’ work load and re-equip the classrooms.

The Associate Professor of the Faculty of Law Anna Margaryan, the Associate Professor of the Faculty of Sociology Nvard Melkonyan, the Associate Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology Silva Petrosyan and the lecturer of the Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology Diana Bagiryan took part in the refresher course entitled “Active learning and digital technologies in teaching process-M-leaning and gamification” at the University of Barcelona.

The participants of the course had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the newest methodology and special tools applied in teaching at Barcelona University which include various digital applications and software (Canva, Slido, Mentimeter, Kahoot, Sparc Video and so on).

Anna Margaryan noted that it is important to understand that active learning and digital technologies can’t replace traditional methods, they are only supplementary and additional methods.

Certain importance was attached to providing feedback with the audience due to such applications. Besides, it becomes possible to show individual approaches.

Nvard Melkonyan touched upon the importance of inter-cultural communication with the partners from various foreign universities.

Silva Petrosyan pointed out that sometimes there are erroneous opinions that game elements deprive teaching of its seriousness but this refreshment course justified the method of gamification.

YSU Rector Aram Simonyan thanked the participants and outlined that best specialists were selected who will provide experience instillation.

“It is an interesting idea to create comforts in the university. Currently we are trying to create them at the library”, said the Rector.

He spoke about the installation of virtual reality laboratory and mentioned that many of the presented methods used to be applied to more or less extend during the Soviet period. The lecturers who took the refreshment courses discussed the motivation tools, the increase of involvement level of students and teachers.

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