Nelly S. Babayan
2000 - 2004: YSU, Faculty of Biology, Bachelor’s degree
2004 - 2006: YSU, Faculty of Biology, Master’s degree

Academic degree
“New synthetic porphyrins as anticancer agents: in vitro study of structure-function interconnection”, Գ.00.15. «Genetics», PhD in Biology, 2011, Yerevan

Professional experience
2006 - 2007: YSU, Laboratory of general biology, cytogenetics subgroup, senior laborant
2007 - today: YSU, Laboratory of general biology, cytogenetics subgroup, researcher
2011 - 2013: YSU, Department of Genetics and Cytology, lecturer (part time)
2013 - today: YSU, Department of Genetics and Cytology, assistant professor

Academic courses
Cell Physiology, Animal cell culture application

Scale of professional interests
Alternative toxicology in vitro based on cell cultures test-systems, molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative alterations on cellular level

Participation in grant projects
National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technologies (GRASP 29/06), 2006
U.S. Civilian And Development Foundation (ECSP-09-36_SASP), 2009
Armenian National Science and Education Fund (NS-BIOTECH-1387), 2010
International Science and Technology Center (ISTC A-1701), 2010
International Science and Technology Center (ISTC A-039), 2012
State Committee of Science and Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (SCS-BMBF 12GE-004), 2013

Armenian, Russian, English, German

Nelly S. Babayan

Assistant | Faculty of Biology - Chair of Genetics and Cytology


Babayan Nelly, Harutyunyan Karina, Balayan Karine, Tadevosyan Gohar, Hayrapetyan Manush, Musayelyan Ruzanna, Grigoryan Ruzanna, Sarkisyan Natalya, Khondkaryan Lusine

Genotoxic potential of selected medicinal plant extracts in human whole blood cultures | Journal of Herbmed Pharmacology, 2019, 8, 2, pp. 160-162 |

Nelly Babayan, Gohar Tadevosyan, Lusine Khondkaryan, Ruzanna Grigoryan, Natalya Sarkisyan, Rouben Haroutiounian, Helga Stopper

Ochratoxin A induces global DNA hypomethylation and oxidative stress in neuronal cells in vitro | MYCOTOXIN RESEARCH, 2019, 36, pp. 1-9

Арутюнян Р. M., Оганесян Г. Г., Григорян Б. А., Арутюнян Т. A., Бабаян Н. С.

Кинетика репарации ДНК и эпигенетические изменения при облучении сверхкороткими импульсами ускоренных электронов | Современные вопросы радиационной генетики. 2019, стр. 16-19 |

Babayan N., Grigoryan B., Hovhannisyan G., Tadevosyan G., Khondkaryan L., Grigoryan R., Sarkisyan N., Aroutiounian R.

Gender differences in DNA damage/repair after laser-generated ultrafast electron beam irradiation | International Journal of Radiology & Radiation Therapy. 2018, 5, 2, 85-86 pp.

Malakyan M., Babayan N., Grigoryan R., Sarkisyan N., Tonoyan V., Tadevosyan D., Matosyan V., Aroutiounian R., Arakelyan A.

Synthesis, characterization and toxicity studies of pyridinecarboxaldehydes and L-tryptophan derived Schiff bases and corresponding copper (II) complexes | F1000Research, 2016, 5, 1921 |
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N. Sahakyan, M. Petrosyan, A. Avetisyan, A. Markosyan, S. Aloyan, A. Babayan, A. Trchounian

Essential Oil from Thymus vulgaris L. as Antimicobial Agent | ASM MICROBE 2017 General Meeting. 2017, p. 19 |

Tigran Harutyunyan, Galina Hovhannisyan, Nelli Babayan, Thomas Liehr, Arsen Arakelyan, Rouben Aroutiounian, Margarita Malakyan

Protective effects of schiff base cyclic amino acid derivatives against mycotoxins geno- and cytotoxicity | International Symposium of Mycotoxicology 2016, p. 64 |
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