Susanna G. Sahakyan
Higher Education
1971 - 1977: MSc, Faculty of Biology, Yerevan State University, Diploma Г 1 № 003234

PhD, “Organization of Vestibulo-Cortical Interrelation in Condition of Long -Term Vibration Action”, Specialized Council of Institute of Physiology of National Academy of Science named after L.A. Orbeli, «Human and Animal Physiology» specialty. 03.00.09. Moscow, 1991

Work experience
42 years. Associate Professor, Project Scientist, Department of Human & Animal Physiology, Faculty of Biology, Yerevan State University

Read courses
“Human Normal Physiology”, “Human Anatomy”, “Pathological Anatomy”, ''Pathological Physiology ’’, ''Evolutionary Physiology'', ''Space Physiology '', “Biomedical Ethics’’,

Scientific interests
Electrophysiology, Neurophysiology, Molecular Biology

Participation grants
2008 - 2009: William Fulbright Scholarship program, University California of Davis, CA, USA

Armenian (native), Russian, English

Professional Membership
Armenian (native), Russian, English

2003: Soros' Foundation Award

Susanna G. Sahakyan

Associate Professor | Faculty of Biology - Chair of Human and Animal Physiology


Grigoryan G. Yu., Minassian S. M., Kalantaryan V.P., Sahakyan S.G.

Study of supraoptic cells’ spike activity after 30-day-long exposure of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation | 5th International Workshop on Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, September 28th-October 2nd 2008, Città del Mare, Terrasini, Palermo, CD, 1-8

Grigoryan G. Yu., Minassyan S.M., Sahakyan S.G., Akhumyan A.A., Kalantaryan V.P.

Effects of the action of microwave-frequency electromagnetic radiation on the spike activity of neurons in the supraoptic nucleus of the hypothalamus in rats | Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology, USA, 2007, 37. (2): 175-180 |

Григорян Г.Ю., Минасян С.М., Саакян С.Г.

Изменение нейронной активности супраоптического ядра гипоталамуса после длительной вибрационной стимуляции | Neirofiziologia/Neurophysiology, 2006, 38 (3):186-192

Григорян Г.Ю., Минасян С.М., Ахумян А.А., Калантарян В.П., Саакян С.Г.

Комбинированное влияние электромагнитного излучения и вибрации на активность нейронов супраоптического ядра гипоталамуса | Биомедицинские технологии и радиоэлектроника, М, 2006, (5-6): 70-76

Саакян С.Г.

Характер активности нейронов нижней оливы в условиях действия пятидневной вибрации | Сб. мат. XIII конф. по косм. биол. и авиакосм. медицине, Москва, 2006: 263-265
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John A. Payne, Shane P. Antrobus, Susanna G. Sahakyan, Christian Lytle

Alternative Splising of Exons Encoding Portions of the Carboxy-Terminus of K-Cl Cotransporter–4 (KCC4) | Biophysical Society 54th Annual Meeting , 2010, San-Francisco, CA. 2620-Pos/B349

Grigoryan G.Yu., Minassian S.M., Sahakyan S.G.

Combined action of vibration and low-intensity electromagnetic radiation on spike activity of supraoptic cells | The 9th International Congress of the Polish Neuroscience Society, a FENS featured Regional Meeting, Warsaw, 9 - 12 September, Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, 2009, 63 (3): 360 |

Grigoryan G. Yu., Minassian S. M., Sahakyan S. G.

Low-intenstity electromagnetic radiation eliminates vibration-induced spike activity shifts of rats supraoptic neurons | 6th FENS Forum of European Neuroscience, FENS Abstr., 2008, v.4, 184. 26

Grigoryan G.Yu., Minassian S. M., Sahakyan S.G.

Impulse activity of supraoptic cells of hypothalamus after long-lasting influence of low-intensity extremely high frequency radiation | 2nd World Conference in Stress, including the 3rd Cell Stress Society International Congress on Stress Responses in Biology and Medicine, 2007, Budapest, Hungary

Sahakyan S.G., Grigoryan G.Yu.

The comparative investigation of cerebellar and olivary neurons baseline activity under vibration | The Joint Meeting of the Slovak Physiological Society, Physiological Society and the Federation of Europian Physiological Societies, 2007 Bratislava, Slovakia. (N67).